Humidifiers Produce Dust Suppression

While humidifiers are commonly associated with creating elevated levels of air moisture for food ripening and other processes, these machines are also important in industrial dust suppression. Sensitive equipment is easily interfered with by accumulated debris, and particles which swirl through an enclosed space can also prove a health hazard to workers. Humidifiers suppress these particles by trapping them in water droplets, so that they become heavier and sink down, leaving cleaner air space.

The Best Systems for Dust Suppression

The best systems for dust suppression are capable of producing water droplets that are minute in size. These tiny droplets disperse evenly throughout an enclosed space, so that they do not adhere to each other and condense into wet patches. The accumulation of spots of damp can lead to the growth of mold or to structural problems, thus it is wise to invest in a recent system which avoids such problems. A fog system which is effective at suppressing dust may be ordered through

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