How Do Industrial Humidifiers Suppress Dust?

SmartFog makes industrial humidifiers for commercial clients. The systems contain the smallest droplets on the market. They are only 4.2 microns. The drops evaporate in the air before reaching any surface. The systems have double cooling effects. They also have low pressure operation. Humidity is controlled by an algorithm. Therefore, it ensures the exact amount of humidity is being produced. The systems are easy to install. They require little maintenance. Perhaps best of all, these systems eliminate dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses. Read on for more information about how these humidifiers work to suppress dust.

How Do Industrial Humidifiers Suppress Dust?

SmartFog humidifiers produce droplets of 4.2 microns. Droplets that are over 5 microns retract air particles. SmartFog’s tiny droplets are small enough that dust, airborne diseases, bacteria, viruses, and spores are all attracted to the droplets. In addition, the drops are oxidized. Each droplet contains oxygen and a de-correlation technology is used to reverse cohesion and maximize adhesion. Therefore, this system achieves 100% dust suppression.

Why Is This Helpful?

The question is, what is the benefit of 100% dust suppression? Many different industries need dust suppression to keep a healthy environment. Doctors’ offices and hospitals both need industrial humidifiers. The humidifiers will sanitize the environment. Another place where dust suppression is necessary is in the food industry. Therefore, in order to be clean and promote food safety, there cannot be dust. Additionally, dust suppression is necessary is in clean rooms and laboratories. Dust is dangerous to the products in the room. A printing house is another business where dust suppression is important. As a result, dust cannot ruin the printing process. In addition, schools are a breeding ground of viruses. Having a humidifier that suppresses the dust, bacteria, and viruses in the building is helpful.

SmartFog industrial humidifiers are beneficial for many reasons. They are easy to install. There are no moving parts. Also, they require little maintenance. In addition, they can suppress 100% of dust, bacteria, and viruses from a room. 100% dust suppression is important to many industries. This includes the medical field, schools, and laboratories. Clean and sanitized air is a must for many customers. For more information about how SmartFog can help your business, contact us today. SmartFog will keep your business clean and dust-free.

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