Fostering Healthy and Productive Learning Environments

Everyone knows students need environments that are conducive to learning, but not everyone knows humidity plays an important role in creating them. At 30-50% relative humidity, conditions become cleaner and more comfortable; however, maintaining optimal conditions in the classroom is not as easy as it seems.

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The Humidification Challenge

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Dry Conditions are Harmful and Uncomfortable

Germs, viruses, and dust spread quickly and collect in corners of the classroom. Unfortunately for teachers and staff, there’s only so much that Clorox wipes can do. Classrooms need humidity that tampers with dust and prevents allergens and respiratory distress.

They need moisture that thoroughly neutralizes contaminants and slows the spread of illness. For this to happen, humidity droplets must saturate the whole classroom.

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Excess Moisture Fosters Similar Adverse Effects

However, humidity cannot be too high or leave excess moisture behind. When moisture clings to surfaces, nestles in carpet, or pools, mold is likely to form.

The respiratory distress this causes is on par with respiratory issues caused by dust. But maintaining humidity that is high enough—but non-wetting—is not a feat just any humidifier or classroom can do.


The High Maintenance Demands of Most Humidifiers

Maintaining optimal humidity levels is difficult, and humidifiers often make maintenance hassle worse. Keeping maintenance to a minimum while keeping humidity levels optimal is not possible when systems break down or constant monitoring is necessitated by teachers or staff.

The Self-Evaporative Solution

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Spreading Sufficient and Sanitary Conditions Quickly

Self-evaporating humidification solves the problems inherent in dry classroom conditions by thoroughly saturating the room with sufficient moisture. The droplets are engineered to self-repel and dissipate across large areas quickly while attracting and oxidizing airborne contaminants.

This means dust and airborne contaminants are significantly less likely to trigger respiratory distress and spread illness with self-operatives droplets infusing the room.

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Leaving Only Clean, Dry Surfaces Behind

Self-evaporative humidification doesn’t stop with solving the problems in dry conditions, but continues to solve the problems in wet ones too. Because droplets self-evaporate, no unwanted wetness lingers in carpets, corners, or any other surface.

This eliminates the health risks of mold or the discomfort of excess airborne moisture. While most humidification systems cannot promise humidity that leaves only comfortable, clean air and dry surfaces behind, self-evaporative humidification can.

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Designed for Convenience

With a self-evaporative system, school staff doesn’t have to worry about moving parts that break, components that wear out due to high voltage, and other maintenance hassles.

Each system is designed with ‘set it and forget it’ functionality, using precise sensors and proprietary algorithms to maintain the desired humidity levels at all times. Whether schools employ induct or mobile systems, self-evaporative humidification guarantees effortless control over pristine conditions.