Grow Room & Greenhouse Humidification

Humidity that works for growers, instead of against them.

For you, that means Smart Fog technology maintains VPD for optimal nutrient uptake to increase yield and quality.

We Won’t Leave You Underwater


smart fog industrial humidifier Clean Antimicrobial Humidity Technology
 smart fog industrial humidifier Non-Fluctuating Intelligent Control
 smart fog industrial humidifier Maintenance Free Mechanism – No drains, pumps, or fans
 smart fog industrial humidifier No white dust, no rust, no wetting –– Guaranteed
 smart fog industrial humidifier Remote access and connectivity to existing control systems

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Just Add Humidity – The Right Way

Achieve higher yields without increasing costs for utilities. And forget the time and cost of ongoing maintenance, except for filter changes. There isn’t any. The ES 100 line of direct space industrial humidifiers deliver precision-controlled, non-wetting fog 24/7. It is the ideal humidifier for greenhouses and more.

Bottom-Line Performance

  • No wet spots, Guaranteed
  • High-quality, MADE IN THE USA
  • Safe, low operating pressure
  • Precise Rh control (±1%) from 1% to 100%
  • Plug-and-play: Nothing to calibrate
  • Clean filtered water and air assures the cleanest humidity
  • Reliable, 100% continuous duty cycle
  • Smart, remote access and connectivity 
  • Energy-efficient, low utility, cost, and double cooling

Optional Accessories

  • Smart Fog ZeroTDS Filter System
  • Chemical Injector
  • PC Communication package
  • Customized programming

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Smart Fog Machine

FAQs About Cannabis Growing

We compiled some of the common questions about humidity control and the Smart Fog system. Please contact us with additional questions.

Can the Smart Fog System work with double-tier grow rooms?

A) Yes

Can Smart Fog systems interface with an existing building monitoring system.

Yes. We have different protocol-based communication systems allowing our CPLC controller to send and receive data from a central monitoring system. 


We offer Smart Fog Connect App that enables you to monitor and adjust system settings from your smartphone.

I don’t know how to size your system. Can you help?



We do all the calculations with our proven formulas. We can create a quote and system based on some basic information about your growing facility.

Is the fog hot? Is this steam?

No and no.  

Smart Fog temperature remains cool regardless of the water temperature supplying the equipment. The fog is not produced as steam since we are not heating the water. The system uses our proprietary nozzle technology that breaks down water droplets into a fine mist. The result: 100% of the fog evaporates into the environment.

My current humidification system damaged my lighting and equipment, causing rust. Will the Smart Fog System that?

  1. A) Absolutely not! 


First, the Smart Fog System doesn’t condense or deposit on equipment or plants because 100% of the fog evaporates before that happens. 


Secondly, you don’t have to worry about corrosion because the nozzle on our system removes the aggressiveness of the slightly corrosive reverse-osmosis/de-ionized grade water feeding the system.

My current humidification system produces white dust. Will the Smart Fog System do that?

  1. A) No, the Smart Fog System will not produce “white dust.”


Because we recommend thoroughly filtering the water and air, the system emits a pure water fog rather than water plus minerals and chemicals. We add the ZeroTDS Water Filter System to avoid white dust if you don’t already have a RO/DI water filter system in-house. The Smart Fog ZeroTDS Water Filter System removes all the chemicals and minerals from the water to 0 ppm of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

I already have a RO filter system. Do I still need to get the ZeroTDS Water Filter?

We recommend checking your RO system’s water TDS PPM. If you don’t have a way to test for TDS from your system, you can send us a sample to check in our lab. We recommend a maximum of 3 ppm of TDS for the water feeding the humidification system. If you have more, please consult with us, and we can provide a solution.