Greenhouse Cooling Systems

Controlling Greenhouse Temperatures

Room temperature is one of the most important aspects of any greenhouse. In some areas, greenhouses shut down during certain months because the temperature is too hot or too cold to produce high-quality plants. Some business owners believe providing traditional heating and cooling to entire greenhouses is not a cost-efficient method of taking care of the plants. However, check out Smart Fog’s Greenhouse Cooling Systems!

DryFog.US has worked for years to develop and perfect non-traditional systems that make use of foggers. DryFog.US fogger systems use “supersonic compressed air” combined with a low pressure point to deliver water into the air in droplets measuring less than 10 microns. The mini-droplets quickly evaporate into the air and do not drop to the floor, enabling humidity levels over 95 percent without causing condensation.

Affordable Greenhouse Cooling Systems

With many traditional greenhouse cooling systems, the components of the equipment are sold through distributors. By allowing customers to purchase their systems directly, DryFog.US cuts out the portion of the sale price devoted to various middlemen. Businesses get the lowest price possible on a powerful, efficient and long-lasting method of providing the needed amount of water to each plant in the greenhouse.

Unlike many other greenhouse cooling systems, the Smart Fog system uses a fogger orifice measuring 1.5 mm, so it does not encounter clogging problems. Businesses spend less money keeping the DryFog.US system up and running as compared to other watering systems. Find out more about DryFog.US by contacting our representatives. You need humidity, and DryFog.US has got it.