ES100 Mobile Humidifier

Bring portability to your commercial humidifier needs. The ES100 mobile is a complete plug and play mobile humidification and disinfection system that’s perfect for on-the-go applications.

The Smart Fog® Mobile provides economical and convenient solutions for a wide range of humidity control and disinfection applications including:

• Trucking
• Sea transportation
• Produce Cold Storage
• Sea Food disinfection
• Meat Storage
• Storage
• Class room
• House
• Hospital

The Smart Fog® ES100 Mobile Features:

  • 4.2 Micron Droplet (Smallest droplet in the market)
  • Durable (maintenance free)
  • Smart Fog® AirNet Technology (Equal droplet spacing)
  • Cold Fog (No condensation)
  • Works at all temperatures (30°F-150°F)
  • Disinfect/sanitize with any water dissolving chemical
  • No wet-spots, Guaranteed


Smart Fog ES100 Mobile .vs. Similar Mobile Systems
Droplet Size
4.2 Microns

  • • No wet-spots, Guaranteed
  • • Consistent humidity throughout the room.
  • • Generate any level of required humidity from 1% to 99% without wetting
Over 20 Microns

  • • Wetting
  • • Water on the floor
  • • Cannot reach high humidity due to wetting
  • • Cannot generate over 65-70%
Maintenance free, durable non-clogging system.

  • • Only required maintenance is changing filter elements, every 2 years.
Maintenance every few month

  • • Required to replace clogged nozzles.
±1% throughout the room, achievers even distribution. Huge variation of humidity in the room
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