Custom Design of a Dust Suppression System for a Battery Recycling Plant

Custom Design of a Dust Suppression System for a Battery Recycling Plant

Dust Suppression Application

Recently, a battery recycling plant requested Smart Fog® put an end to their lead dust problem. Knowing just how capable our DS100 humidification was in dealing with an issue of this sort, we installed a system that, sure enough, was able with its nozzles to drastically reduce the lead dust from the plant. The Dust Suppression System was installed in an outdoor area where the battery parts were crushed, and its nozzles were mounted on the rim of the 5,000 square foot area where the company wished to suppress all lead dust.

Our DS100 system sported 63 nozzles, 4 pressure boxes, an ES100PB, a CPLC controller, a Zero TDS 500 water filter system, and a pipe & fittings kit. In addition, it included water filtration capabilities in order to avoid releasing further dust particles into the air. With the further addition of cut sheets for the components, our DS100 system provided an effective solution for suppressing any dangerous excess lead dust within our client’s battery recycling plant. For more information, please contact Smart Fog® today to get details on our full design and equipment services.



Dust Suppression System Battery Recycling Plant Project Details

Product Description We built this dust suppression system for a battery recycling plant
Room Size 5,000 square feet

Water Filtration

To Reduce Dust Particles in Air

Components Used

– DS100 x 63 nozzles
– 4 x Pressure Boxes
– ES100PB
– CPLC Controller
– Zero TDS 500 Water Filter System
– Pipe & Fittings Kit

Industry of Use

Name Battery Recycling Plant Dust Suppression System

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