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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is required for the system to operate?
A: The system operates using compressed air and water. The system requires at least 100 psi (or can be calibrated lower if needed) of compressed air and any water pressure available (even a reservoir with no pressure). Power is required only for the CPLC control unit. The unit requires any available 1 phase AC voltage, 2A.

Q: What is the power consumption of the system?
A: At maximum full capacity, each ES100-1 unit utilizes 0.6 kW, and each ES100-2 unit utilizes 1.2 kW. From data taken from our customers, it shows that the average consumption for each ES100-1 unit is 0.2 kW, and for each ES100-2 unit is 0.4 kW.

Q: How are ES100 units installed?
A: The ES100 units can be either wall mounted next to the air handlers, suspended from the roof or inserted in the duct system. The installation is specifically designed for plug and play and does not require any special tooling. All of our standard piping are flexible plastic pipes which makes the installation quick and easy.

Q: What kind of water is required to run the system? Is hard water an issue?
A: Hard water is not an issue for our system. Our main concern with water quality is the silica level in the water. If Silica is present, we offer a ZeroTDS® filter system which extracts all the minerals from the water. If dust is a concern, we highly recommend having the ZeroTDS® water filtration, to avoid any dust generated by the mineral content in the source water.

Q: Can expensive machinery be placed right under the humidifiers?

A: Yes. Our system is specifically designed as a non-wetting humidification system. Which means that it would not wet anything underneath it. The system is also designed to avoid condensation by gradually building the humidity.

Q: Does the humidifier require any type of drainage?
A: The system utilizes 100% of the water, and therefore does not require any drainage.

Q: Does the system require any screens or filters to filter out large droplets?
A: No, the system generates even 4.2 micron droplets which evaporate directly into the air, thereby eliminati ng the need for a screen in the duct work or in open space.

Q: Does the system require any cleaning or regular maintenance?
A: No, the system is constantly being oxidized thereby cleaning the nozzles automatically. The system is manufactured from high grade plasti c and 316 stainless steel, so there is no corrosion or build up. The only maintenance required is replacing the filter elements every 2 years.