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Keep Your Clean Rooms Static Free With Smart Fog Clean Room Humidification Systems

Precision production in clean rooms, laboratories, pharmaceuticals and other manufacturing facilities is essential for high standards and quality. Dry air in a clean room presents issues for production quality and efficiency. Static electricity accumulates in clean rooms when the air is too dry, attracting dust and other airborne contaminants. Unwanted airborne particles can pollute the product, damage equipment and make it difficult for your staff to breathe. At Smart Fog, we allow you to control humidity in clean rooms using our patented humidification technology. 

The Smart Fog ES100 and TS100 clean room humidification systems use high-velocity compressed air to produce a true “dry fog” of 4.2-micron droplets. The droplets evaporate into the air before they reach the ground, adding water vapor to the air and increasing relative clean room humidity.


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Smart Fog Clean Room Humidity Control Technology 

Smart Fog is your source for an innovative humidifier for clean rooms. We offer two unique clean room humidity control tools — the ES100 direct space humidifier and the TS100 in-duct humidifier. Our technology is your key to consistent clean room humidity. 

Engineered to eliminate clean room humidity fluctuations, Smart Fog ES100 and TS100 clean room humidifiers provide precise relative humidity with no wet spots. Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology and clean room humidity control algorithms provide highly accurate and uniform readings throughout the targeted area even in high air exchange environments. 

Automatic control provides the required clean room humidity whatever the outside climate conditions. You can program your clean room humidifier to facilitate your ideal conditions using the ES100B control box and CPLC controller. The machine’s S Series sensor will read the room’s humidity and trigger the appropriate response.  Our tools maintain consistent production and operating conditions by keeping the clean room humidity at optimal and uniform levels at all times. 

We offer modular clean room humidifier designs for rapid installation, ensuring operation can be scaled up or down for all needs.


Fastest Delivery Time In The Industry

Tired of pursuing lengthy lead times? When you choose our company for your cleanroom humidification needs, you’re choosing a partner who understands that time matters.

Our dedicated team will ensure that you receive cleanroom humidification system within one week. That’s three times quicker than our closest competitors, who often take 21 days or more.

Never compromise on time without compromising on quality. Experience the superiority and promptness of our service, because at our company, providing swift clean room humidifier solutions without cutting corners is our commitment to you.

Clean Room Humidity Control You Can Count On

Our cleanroom humidifier system leads to benefits like:

  • Reduced static electricity: The precisely maintained Smart Fog patented particle-free humidity helps reduce static electricity buildup. 
  • Preservation of industrial materials: Our humidity control tools maintain consistency of industrial materials, keeping them in ideal working condition. 
  • Precise humidity monitoring and control: Smart Fog clean room humidifiers provide accurate and reliable humidity control and data logging using articulate sensors and automated control systems. 
  • Comfortable working conditions: Humidity is a key variable in thermal comfort. Rapid fluctuations and the persistence of uneven humidity in a facility are among the most common complaints about indoor comfort.
  • Clean air: The Smart Fog ES100 System, your humidification solution for clean rooms, can be operated with clean levels of water and air according to the customer’s requirements. Filters prevent the entry of mold or bacteria to the system.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements: The Smart Fog ES 100 System has a large 3/32″ (1.5 mm) nozzle, which will avoid clogging like pinhole foggers. Our tools are preferable to steam systems because they eliminate heavy maintenance and frequent malfunctions. 
  • Efficient energy consumption: Our technology uses 50%-90% less energy than competing humidification technologies. 

Smart Fog Clean Room Humidifier Data Logging Capabilities to Meet ESD Humidity Compliance Plan

Clean rooms and manufacturing facilities require data logging in order to maintain a record for customer audit, certification and quality control. The first priority in logging the correct data is to maintain the required levels, which can be done with our humidification solution for clean rooms. 

The Smart Fog ES100 and TS100 dependably maintain your desired humidity without introducing wetness. Other hygrometers may also be used for specific applications. Our humidification solution for clean rooms features automatic computer control and data logging utilizing highly accurate and reliable relative humidity sensors. 

Direct Humidity Control for Clean Rooms 

We design cleanroom humidification systems for direct humidity control, resulting in superior precision and accuracy. 

Rather than creating humidity as a by-product of refrigeration HVAC air-cooling or heating, our tools produce moisture themselves without leaving water droplets behind. 


Clean Environment with Smart Fog

Smart Fog’s system can incorporate any water dissolving material. Maintain a clean environment with the help of a clean room humidifier.

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