Benefits of an In-Duct Commercial Humidification System

Businesses and organizations may understand the need for a commercial humidification system, yet wonder which product is the right fit for their application. Innovative Smart Fog® Technology has improved humidification systems drastically, giving commercial enterprises great options that require no maintenance and are energy-efficient. In this article, let’s discuss the benefits of an in-duct commercial humidification system from Smart Fog.


Advantages of an In-Duct Humidification System

Placing the humidifier inside ducts, rotates the air more evenly and controls the entire building’s moisture levels better than wall-mounted or stand-alone commercial humidifiers. Also, buildings with separate rooms and areas can use an in-duct humidification system to control and sanitize the moisture in the air to safe levels, eliminating excessive moisture and air-borne pathogens. In-duct humidification systems are the right choice for buildings with multiple rooms.

Smart Fog® Technology makes the TS100 In-Duct Humidifier powerful enough to control and sanitize multiple rooms through a duct system, because of the de-correlation process involved. This process develops small enough droplets to attract air-born pathogens, which are then oxidized and eliminated. This mechanical process requires no chemicals, and is powerful enough to sanitize entire multiple room buildings through an in-duct humidification system.


In-Duct Humidification System Pain-Points Alleviated

Businesses may think in-duct humidification systems are difficult to install and maintain, yet with the Smart Fog® TS 100 In-Duct Humidifier series – this simply isn’t the case anymore. Because of the innovative technology producing 4.2 micron sized droplets (smallest in industry), these efficient humidifiers boast 100% evaporation rates. What this means in real talk is: there’s no drainage, clogged nozzles, or maintenance, except for a filter change every 2 years.

Another pain point with in-duct humidification systems – keeping owners away from the idea – is the possibility of the humidifier wetting inside the ducts, causing structural damage and sanitation problems. This isn’t a problem with the TS-100 In-Duct Humidifier because the advanced technology produces 100% evaporation, which results in no wetting of the surrounding surfaces.

The last pain-point balking owners from choosing in-duct humidification systems is the complexity of the installation and the difficulty of regulating and operating them. This is also alleviated with the TS-100, because these humidifiers have no moving parts (fans, drains, etc), require no regulation, and are designed for fast and easy plug and play installation.


TS-100 In-Duct Humidifier Application

These modular systems fit any sized application, and produce precise humidity control (+/- 1%). All models include: the ES100PB Control Center, CPLC Controller, S Series- Relative Humidity Sensor (accuracy from .01% to 1% depending on model), and the PE pipes and fittings to construct the in-duct humidification system. Optionally, owners can get: the Smart Fog® ZeroTDS® Filter System (mainly for water with high Silica levels), the INJ-1 Chemical Injector, and the PC Communication Package.

Businesses and organizations can install the needed in-duct humidification system easier than ever, with Smart Fog’s well-designed and innovative TS100 In-Duct Humidifiers and accessories. The different models and optional accessories offer owners the ability to choose a custom solution that’s right for whatever application is necessary.



In-duct humidification systems are best suited for buildings with separate rooms and areas, in order for the moisture levels to be controlled evenly throughout the building. They’re also out of sight and out-of-the-way, which can make a difference aesthetically for certain businesses or organizations. The good news is innovation in commercial humidification technology makes in-duct humidification systems easy to install, control, and maintain.

The key aspect of the TS100 In-Duct Humidifier is Smart Fog® Technology, which produces the smallest sized droplets in the industry; this is done with a mechanical, non-chemical process, which results in no wetting or maintenance. Other beneficial aspects of the TS100 Humidifier is the low water and air pressure needed to power these energy-efficient machines, which makes them safer and less expensive to operate. If interested in learning more about Smart Fog’s innovative in-duct humidification systems, please contact us today.

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