Benefits of a Commercial Humidifier During Flu Season

A humidifier is the perfect tool to get your business through flu season. Invest in a commercial humidifier made by Smart Fog to get a device with revolutionary technology. Smart Fog systems use micron droplets that completely evaporate into the air before they reach surfaces. This will keep the room at the right level of humidity without causing wet surfaces. The micron droplets also help to eliminate bacteria and viruses, which is extremely beneficial during flu season. Read on to learn more about how a humidifier can help during flu season.

Eliminates Viruses and Bacteria

The flu virus is miserable. It typically reaches its peak sometime during the winter. Offices, schools, and medical facilities can be breeding grounds for this virus. Keep your environment as germ-free as possible with a Smart Fog commercial humidifier. The Smart Fog systems inject oxygen in each droplet. Then through a process of reverse correlation, cohesion is reversed while adhesion is maximized. This allows dust and airborne diseases to attract to the droplets where they will get oxidized. This is all possible due to the micron droplets. Smart Fog droplets are all under 5 microns which allows for this adhesion process to occur.

Precise Level of Humidity

During this season of sickness, it is important to maintain proper levels of humidity in your environment. Whether this is a school, office, or medical facility, precise humidity control is important! A Smart Fog commercial humidifier utilizes intelligent algorithms to generate the required humidity for a specific environment. In fact, Smart Fog has 4 functions in 1 system. These functions include precise humidity control, fumigation/sanitation, cooling, and dust suppression/static elimination.

Many Different Options for a Commercial Humidifier

Another reason why Smart Fog is great during flu season is that there are so many different product model options available. For a quick humidifier fix, invest in a mobile humidifier that can easily be transported. For a more permanent investment, get a direct space humidifier that attaches to a wall or an in-duct humidifier.

Getting the flu is no fun. A commercial humidifier may be the answer to reducing the cases of the flu in your office, medical facility, or school this year. These systems greatly reduce airborne viruses and bacteria all while keeping the environment at a precise level of humidity. For more information about Smart Fog and our various humidifier models, contact us today.

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