Avoid Maintenance on Commercial Humidifier for Warehouse

One of the things that perhaps stopped you from investing in a commercial humidifier for warehouse in 2016 is maintenance. If you’ve had bad experiences buying and using humidifiers in the past, you know many require constant maintenance. Some of those repairs might not include your warranty, making it a major expense you no longer want. After experiencing this too often, no doubt you gave up trying to find a maintenance-free humidifier. Doing so only places you at greater risk for humidity issues, both low and high.

By buying a quality commercial humidifier for your warehouse, you can eliminate maintenance problems you’ve faced. Even so, you probably wonder of having a maintenance-free humidifier.

At Smart Fog, we create humidifiers that barely ever need maintenance. It’s the end result of our problem-solving and innovation we’ve worked hard to achieve.

These are some maintenance you can avoid by using our products, outside of replacing your filter once every two years.

Moving Parts

One of the biggest maintenance concerns for you is obviously part replacement in your humidifiers. Far too many of them use moving parts externally that can quickly become an annoyance.

First of all, moving parts could cause injury to employees working around the area. The constant movement of these parts also wears the product out faster, hence leading to constant repairs.

Since you’ll need to keep your commercial humidifier for warehouse to maintain relative humidity, no product should use moving parts. We’ve avoided this for our products, eliminating a major maintenance expense out of the box.

You still have a strong warranty for things that could go wrong, even if the chances are small.

Replacing Humidifiers Due to Clogging

Another common problem with other humidifiers is clogging due to poorly made nozzles. Input and output nozzles usually have inferior orifices on them, making them more apt to clog during the worst possible times.

When leaving your humidifier unattended, clogging could overheat the product and essentially burn it out after only a few months. Because of the commonly bad design of these nozzles, you may have to send your humidifier in for repairs constantly. Cleaning it out manually only becomes a chore you don’t have time for due to your schedule.

We’ve created humidifiers that can’t clog thanks to a patented nozzle orifice. Considering we make our products in the USA, you don’t have to worry about getting something slipshod from another country.

Malfunctioning Humidity Control

You may find a lot of commercial humidifier for warehouse claiming to provide intelligent control of your RH. But not too many hold up to this promise. A lot of them require manual control, which could lead to major malfunctions. It may overheat or overwork your humidifier, leading to more repairs, if not constant product replacement.

It’s important to own a humidifier with automation precision on maintaining a perfect RH balance. Owning one you can trust without fear of constant supervision is just as essential.

We make this happen with our technology. Simply plug in your unit, then leave it unattended all day without wondering if it’s properly functioning.

Overheating from Lack of Low-Pressure Operation

So many competing humidifiers don’t bother to use low pressure operation to avoid overheating problems. Really, it’s perplexing why mistakes like this are so common. Using low pressure in humidifiers is so much more energy-efficient and safer for your surrounding employees.

Our commitment to using only 100 psi of compressed air for efficient operation works well without compromising anything. Using less than 2 AMPs of 24 V DC at the control unit, you make installation easier to avoid possible early damage.

Contact us at Smart Fog to see for yourself how our humidifiers redefine how you’ll look at product maintenance.

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