5 Reasons Why Your Wine Cellar Needs a Smart Fog System

Making good wine is a process that begins out in the vineyard. The vines need fertile soil, the right amount of rain, and certain temperatures to grow grapes that will product delicious wine. Once the grapes are picked, the process is not over. The wine must be carefully aged to perfection in a wine cellar. Everything from the humidity levels to the type of barrel can affect the taste of the wine. In order to control the humidity levels, a wine maker will need a high-quality humidifier for a wine cellar. At Smart Fog we sell commercial humidifiers that will help wine makers manage the humidity in their cellar without producing condensation. Read on to learn about why your wine cellar needs a Smart Fog system.

Wine Making and Humidity

Proper levels of humidity in a wine cellar are crucial to the wine making process. The ideal level of humidity in a wine cellar is between 50% and 70%. Anything more or less can affect the quality of the wine or delay the aging process. Once the wine is bottled, it is important to continue to maintain this level of humidity. If the humidity is too high it can result in mold. If the humidity is too low, the cork can dry out, affecting the taste of the wine and causing wine to be lost.

Even if you aren’t a professional wine maker with a barrel room, you can use your own basement as a wine cellar to let your favorite bottles age. At Smart Fog, we make commercial humidifiers strong enough for wineries and also safe to use at home. Whatever you need, Smart Fog is here to keep your wine consistent and delicious.

Humidifier for Wine Cellar

Smart Fog humidifiers have intelligent, precise humidity control. Our humidifiers contain a CPLC controller which uses algorithms to identify the most efficient way to maintain a specific level of humidity in an environment. Rest assured that the Smart Fog humidifiers will be able to maintain the humidity level in the wine cellar in that 50-70% range.

No Condensation

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One of the huge benefits of a Smart Fog system is that it does not leave condensation behind on surfaces in the room. Our humidifiers produce micron droplets. In fact, they are the smallest in the industry. Micron droplets are important because the smaller the droplet, the longer it will stay airborne. Since it is airborne for longer, efficient evaporation occurs. The droplets evaporate completely into the air before ever reaching the surface, thus achieving a 100% evaporation rate. Why is this important for wine cellars? In a barrel aging room, it could be disastrous if the outsides of the barrels were getting wet from condensation. Wooden barrels are porous so they should not be getting wet from the outside. This would greatly affect the quality of the wine and the overall aging process.

Eliminates Mold and Dust

Another benefit of  Smart Fog systems is that they eliminate mold and dust from the environment. This is very important because as a wine maker, the last thing you want is your barrel room covered in mold and dust. This environment should be as clean as possible. The elimination of mold and dust is possible because oxygen is injected into every droplet. The humidifier reverses the correlation through a non-chemical mechanical process that reverses cohesion and maximizes adhesion. This causes dust and spores to be attracted to the droplets. Once they adhere to the droplet, they are oxidized. Since the droplets are less than 5 micron (they are 4.2), the humidifiers are able to achieve a 100% dust suppression rate. In addition to eliminating mold and dust, these humidifiers also eliminate bacteria and viruses which are also things you don’t want hanging around your wine cellar.

Double Cooling Effect

In addition to maintaining specific levels of humidity, a wine cellar should also have a room temperature between 45- and 55-degrees Fahrenheit. Aging or storing wine in a room that is too hot or too cold can ruin the wine. Smart Fog humidifiers have an optional feature where the nozzles can generate a strong vacuum which cools both the air and the water. Also, the quick evaporation of the droplets takes heat from the air. A lot of winery owners get cooling units which can remove humidity out of the air. Instead, invest in a Smart Fog system which maintains humidity while also cooling the room temperature.

Monitoring of Humidity Levels

In addition to maintaining specific humidity levels, a Smart Fog system also constantly monitors the level of humidity in the wine cellar. Each Smart Fog system comes with sensors that monitor the humidity level in the room and make adjustments if needed. Wine makers can rest assured that the cellar will always have the correct humidity level. If needed, the system will automatically adjust.

A Smart Fog humidifier for a wine cellar is the perfect way to get your wine to perfectly age. These systems maintain precise levels of humidity, suppress dust and mold, cool the room, constantly monitor humidity levels, all while achieving a 100% evaporation rate. Wine makers or homeowners with wine cellars can rest assured that their wines will age at the appropriate rate and won’t be ruined by too high or low of humidity levels. Smart Fog systems are plug and play, meaning they are very easy to install and are quickly ready for use. Our humidifiers contain no moving parts, meaning they are very low maintenance. In addition, our systems come with a comprehensive one-year warranty.

If you are a wine maker or homeowner struggling to maintain the proper level of humidity in your wine cellar, it is time for a change. Invest in a system you feel good about. For more information about Smart Fog systems, contact us today.

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