3 Reasons Why Your Office Needs a Commercial Humidifier

Smart Fog is a state-of-the-art humidification system that is perfect for the office. The office needs a commercial humidifier with micron droplets that eliminate dust and bacteria, and that is easy to maintain. Smart Fog humidifiers do all of these things. Read on for more information about reasons why your office needs Smart Fog.

Micron Droplets

Smart Fog humidifiers have the smallest droplets of water in the industry. The 4.2-micron droplets evaporate completely before reaching surfaces. This means that no surfaces will be moistened. Micron droplets are necessary for an office environment where important documents and technological devices must be kept dry. Also, offices easily become dry in the long, cold winter months. A commercial humidifier will keep the environment moist and help with dry skin and hair.

Eliminates Dust, Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses

Offices can be germy places. From the coffee machine to the keyboard, germs are lurking where we least expect it. Luckily, a Smart Fog humidifier can eliminate bacteria and viruses as well as dust and mold. By using a de-correlation technology, the micron droplets attract dust, air-borne diseases, bacteria, virus particles, and spores. This keeps the office environment healthy and clean and can hopefully reduce the number of employee sick days.

A Commercial Humidifier that Is Easy to Install and Maintain

This energy efficient humidification system is easy to install and requires little maintenance. The humidifiers don’t require any adhesives and come with push-in connectors. The systems contain plastic flexible piping that are durable and easy to install. The humidifier can be mounted on a wall, placed next to air handling units, or suspended from the ceiling, and can be put into ducts. Not only is it easy to install but it is also easy to maintain. The units contain no moving parts so there are few opportunities for it to break. In addition, the systems also have a wonderful, one-year warranty. Smart Fog also provides a comprehensive economical extended warranty plan that covers all equipment.

Getting a commercial humidifier installed in the office is a great investment. Smart Fog makes high-quality humidifiers that produce micron droplets. These droplets keep the environment moist without leaving behind wet spots. The humidifiers also eliminate dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses, keeping office employees healthy even during flu season. Last but not least, these systems are easy to install and maintain. For more information about office humidifiers, contact Smart Fog today.



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