smart fog industrial humidifier

1. 4.2 Microns Droplets

The secret of Smart Fog Industrial Humidifier lies in the small droplet size of the water and the engineered spacing between the air and water. Smart Fog® has succeeded in manipulating the droplet size to be the smallest in the industry.

Why is the droplet size important?

Water evaporates only from the surface of the droplet. If the surface area of the droplet in relation to the volume of water is decreased, then the evaporation efficiency is increased. The smaller the droplet size, the longer it can stay air borne. Therefore, the smaller the droplet size the fastest and efficient evaporation is achieved. The 4.2 micron droplets created by Smart Fog® systems evaporate completely into the air before reaching any surface. Smart Fog® has achieved 100% evaporation rate, achieving 100% water efficiency. SMART FOG IS A FOG THAT DOES NOT MOISTEN THE EXPOSED SURFACES

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smart fog industrial humidifier

2. Energy Efficient Natural Process

Smart Fog® systems use 50-90% less energy to generate humidity than other technologies.

Smart Fog® technology utilizes a natural decorrelation process. Correlation refers to the cohesion and adhesion properties in water.Cohesion: Water is attracted to other water. Adhesion: Water attracted to other materials.

These effects are caused by the negative charge of the Oxygen molecule and the positive charge of the Hydrogen molecule attracting. Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology reverses the correlation effect through a non-chemical mechanical process The technology reverses the cohesion and maximizes adhesion. This process is the most energy efficient way of generating a water droplet.

smart fog industrial humidifier

3. Jumbo Non-clogging Orifice

The Smart Fog® de-correlation process allows the use of a large orifice both for input and output.

A large orifice size means the nozzle can not clog easily. Therefore, ensuring low maintenance.

Additionally - all of our nozzles are made from a high grade 316 stainless steel, allowing any chemical to be used with the system and avoiding any rusting and corrosion.

smart fog industrial humidifier

4. Double Cooling Effect

Optional feature, Smart Fog® nozzles can generate a strong vacuum, which cools both the air and the water.

Regardless of the input temperature, the output is always 4°C (40°F). Smart Cold Fog.

Additionally, the rapid evaporative cooling caused by the fast evaporation takes the heat from the air. This is another factor that helps to reduce the energy cost of cooling. For example, in a greenhouses environment Smart Fog can reduce consistently 110-degree F outside to 80-degrees F inside temperature.
smart fog industrial humidifier

5. Low Pressure Safe Operation

Smart Fog® utilizes only 100 psi of compressed air. This low pressure operation allows the use of flexible plastic piping making the installation fast and easy. More importantly, the low pressure and non heating mechanism eliminate any human safety factors, and does not require any regulations.

All Smart Fog systems utilize less than 2 AMPs of 24 V DC at their control unit only. The rest of the system is completely pneumatic. This eliminates any human hazards, and makes the installation easier.

smart fog industrial humidifier

6. Intelligent Precise Humidity Control

Smart Fog systems are equipped with a CPLC controller which utilizes our propriety intelligent algorithms to identify the most efficient way to generate the required humidity for any given environment.

smart fog industrial humidifier

7. Eliminates Dust, Mold, Bacteria & Virus

Dust and airborne diseases, bacteria, viruses particles, and spores are attracted to the Smart Fog droplets by adhesion. To achieve 100% dust suppression, droplets smaller than 5 microns must be in the air. Droplets of 5 microns or larger naturally retract air particles and don’t suppress small dust and other airborne particles. Smart Fog technology provides even 4.2-micron droplets, which are ideal for 100% dust suppression.

Smart Fog aids in the reduction of dust and airborne bacteria/viruses from the air.

smart fog industrial humidifier

8. 4 Functions – 1 System

smart fog industrial humidifier

9. Plug & Play Installation

All Smart Fog® systems are designed for fast and low cost installation. The system does not require the use of any adhesives, and comes with a push-in connectors which can be re-used.

The system is designed to meet the highest industry standards, building codes and electrical requirements. All standard system piping are plastic flexible piping which are extremely durable and easy to install. Smart Fog systems can be mounted on the wall, placed adjacent to air handling units, suspended from the ceiling or inserted into ducts.

smart fog industrial humidifier

10. Extended Warranty

All Smart Fog® systems come with comprehensive one year warranty.
We also provide a comprehensive economical extended warranty plan, covering all equipment.

smart fog industrial humidifier

11. NO Moving Parts

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