Year-round Greenhousing Gardening Farming

More are more Americans are growing their own foods in greenhouses, and it’s not that hard to see why.

First, people are becoming increasingly aware of foods grown with pesticides and would rather grown themselves, both outdoors and in greenhouses.  Secondly, advancements in greenhouse technology make it possible to “live off the land” 12 months a year, even in extreme conditions.

This fascinating article in the New York Times looks at a couple in Maine who employ movable greenhouses – known as “hoop houses” – to grow produce throughout the long, frigid New England winters.  These hoop houses are unheated; perched next to a stone wall, they absorb heat at night.  Once the weather improves in the late Spring, the moveable greenhouses can be quickly and easily disassembled.

Regardless of if the greenhouse is heated or unheated, however, moisture and proper levels are humidity are key, underscoring the need for an effective greenhouse humidifier.  After all, the greenhouse must replicate the natural conditions in which a crop can thrive, replete with sunlight and water – even if it is in the middle of February.

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