Wine Storage Humidity and Wine Cellar Cooling Systems

Wine Cellar Humidity

Importance of Wine Cellar Humidity


Winemaking has long been more of an art than a science, as wineries look for the perfect combination of grapes, processing, aging and storing to make the best wine possible. One of the biggest factors in the quality of wine created during the aging process is the humidity in the wine cellar. In the new age of wine development, the traditional “cellar” has moved above ground to meet the demand for storage space at lower costs. Unfortunately, the quality of the wine can suffer in above-ground cellars with low humidity levels under 10 percent.

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Low humidity means more of the wine evaporates, even though the wine is stored in a sealed barrel. In a two-year period, it is possible for a wine barrel to lose as much as 15 percent of its volume. Wineries typically top off the wine barrels to keep them full and to keep the existing wine in as good a condition as possible. However, adding wine to barrels is costly and time-consuming, and creates a lower quality of wine.


Make Wine Cellar Humidity Constant


By using a dedicated humidifier in a wine cellar, it is possible to control the wine cellar humidity no matter what is happening outside and regardless of temperature changes (which should be avoided). Humidity levels in a wine cellar should always be at 50 percent or higher. Higher levels of humidity lead to less evaporation in the barrels and less topping off.

The Smart Fog system of providing wine cellar humidity carefully monitors and automatically adjusts the relative humidity in wine cellars 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You set the level you desire and let the Smart Fog (formerly DryFog.US) humidifying system do the rest. Customer service representatives can answer any questions you have regarding the Smart Fog (formerly DryFog.US) system. You need humidity to make and store wine.

Learn more about Smart Fog systems by contacting or making a toll-free call to 1-800-921-5230. After all, you need humidity.