Wine Cellar Humidifier Serves Multiple Functions

When wines are stored, high temperatures may cause oxidation, as corks quickly dry out in dry conditions, with the result that bottles are not sealed as tightly as they should be. A wine cellar humidifier is a crucial item of equipment, and serves multiple functions. Not only does it elevate humidity, to prevent corks from drying out – it also produces a cooling effect, which is favorable for long-term storage. A system which does not contain moving parts can be left running twenty-four hours a day, without needing to be taken offline for frequent maintenance.

Choose a Wine Cellar Humidifier that saves you Money

Whether you require a wine cellar humidifier for a commercial operation or for private collecting, choose a system which is sparing in its use of electricity and water. Older technology was sometimes inefficient, and could produce wet spots and other unwanted effects. Newer systems use minute water droplets so that moisture is spread evenly throughout surrounds. A low-pressure system which does not present a human safety hazard can be obtained through

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