Why Your Laboratory Needs a SmartFog Industrial Humidifier

A SmartFog industrial humidifier is perfect for clean rooms, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, and other manufacturing facilities. All of these places have high standards or quality. The refrigeration, air-cooling systems, negative pressure, and other air filters located in these environments inevitably create rooms with dry air. This can cause workers to be uncomfortable, thus making them less efficient. Read on for reasons why your laboratory needs a SmartFog Humidifier to fix this issue.


Build Humidity in a Dry Environment


A SmartFog industrial humidifier works to build humidity in a dry room. It uses a “dry fog” system of 4.2 micro-droplets. The droplets increase the relative humidity without leaving water droplets around the room. The system can use clean levels of water and air based on what the lab needs for their regulations. The system uses algorithms and de-correlation technology to provide the necessary humidity levels.


Eliminates Humidity Fluctuations


Another great thing about a SmartFog system is that it eliminates humidity fluctuations.  This is extremely important in a lab environment. Labs are constantly having to log data about things like humidity levels. SmartFog allows for complete humidity control and consistent data logging.


Overall Benefits Of An Industrial Humidifier


SmartFog systems benefit laboratory environments. In addition to providing consistent humidity levels, the systems reduce static electricity buildup. It also saves energy and has low maintenance requirements. Energy is saved through the efficient water and cooling use. The industrial humidifier is safe and protected. Therefore, no mold or bacteria will enter the system. The industrial humidifier can be controlled to provide the required level of humidity for your lab. SmartFog also allows for modular installation which can be scaled up and down in size for the specific needs of your lab.


An industrial humidifier is necessary in a lab environment. A lab is an environment that needs to be extremely clean. It also needs to maintain very consistent levels of humidity in order to keep the lab products safe and of high-quality. The humidifier will also aid in workers’ comfort, as a lab can be a very dry place. The “dry fog” system will provide the lab with consistent humidity levels that are not susceptible to fluctuations.  In addition, the system will save energy and require little maintenance. Getting a SmartFog system for your lab will greatly improve the environment. Contact SmartFog today for more information about our products and how they can help your laboratory.

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