Why You Need a Humidifier for Industrial Wood Shop

Anyone who has a company that makes things from wood knows about the tremendous amount of sawdust and sanding dust the process produces. Your wood shop surely already has some measures for handling it all. Vacuums and filtration systems are common, as mask with anti-dust filters. Still, even with these things, a shop is usually notably dusty. It is important to reduce shop dust even before the main ventilation system sucks it up. This dust is a health hazard, but that isn’t all that’s wrong with it. It’s also very flammable. Under the wrong conditions, it’s even explosive! And for this, you need an active humidifier for industrial wood shop that can eliminate the risk.

How Adding a Humidifier Helps

Installing a Smart Fog humidifier in your wood shop helps the dust problem in a variety of ways. First, humidity decreases the amount of free-floating dust. Droplets from the humidifier and dust particles are attracted to each other, and once they mix, the dust’s weight increases. This allows it to fall from the air much sooner than it normally would.

Dust is also less flammable when it has more moisture and it’s far less likely to explode. The explosiveness of dust is caused by the particles being so dry that fire can flash from one piece to another almost instantly. Increased moisture slows the reaction enough to stop this from happening.

You may think that your shop dust will never explode since there isn’t enough of it around to allow that. However, a clogged filter or other problem can cause it to accumulate in a specific area. That area then becomes very hazardous. Installing a humidifier gives you the peace of mind of knowing that some unseen problem won’t make itself known with a bang.

Other Ways Humidification Helps When Working with Wood

Many industrial woodworking facilities store large pieces in warehouses and other buildings. Here, the wood is subject to warping and cracking as it dries out. These problems are at their worst when the air is too dry. The stored wood dries out unevenly, and this causes the internal strains that damage it.

Stopping this problem is often as easy as installing a humidifier. This helps control the drying speed of the stored wood. It also makes the drying process more even. Together, these effects make the wood far less likely to warp and split in storage.

Other good storage practices should be maintained as well. Keeping your boards flat will prevent strain from building up on one end. Good ventilation prevents mold. Use all of these methods for the best results with your stock.

Humidify the Storage Area for Finished Wood Products, Too

Finished wood products still need humidity control. This keeps the finishes from cracking or crazing during curing. It also protects the wood from cracks, splits, and warps before sale.

Why Choose Smart Fog as Humidifier for Industrial Wood Shop

Smart Fog humidifiers are up to 90% more efficient than those of our competitors. This alone means that you’ll save money by choosing our products. Still, our humidifiers have advantages that go far beyond lower basic operating cost.

Our products use special clog-resistant nozzles made of stainless steel. They allow the machines to run for two years before maintenance is needed. You’ll be able to concentrate on your business instead of your humidifier.

We also make sure that you can always get the level of humidification you need. Simply set your Smart Fog machine to the desired amount, and you’re done.

Smart Fog humidifiers also produce tiny droplets. These evaporate into the air instead of landing on surfaces. This is especially important in your wood shop, where standing moisture would be a problem.

To learn more about Smart Fog humidifiers, just contact us. We’ll be glad to tell you all about them and how they’ll help your operation.

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