Why Industrial Humidifiers are Essential in Ripening Rooms

Why Industrial Humidifiers are Essential in Ripening Rooms

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Does your business depend on quality ripening rooms for fruits and vegetables? If so, an industrial humidifier is essential to help the produce ripen evenly and efficiently. Industrial humidifiers in ripening rooms are a key component of a successful growing and shipping operation.

Why Ripening Needs Proper Humidity

When produce arrives at a ripening room, it needs the correct humidity level to ripen on schedule. If the level is too high or too low, the fruits and vegetables could spoil before they reach the ripening level you desire. They could also ripen too slowly, which could have a negative impact on your shipping and delivery schedules. You need a reliable system to get the food to market at the proper ripening level.

An industrial humidifier helps keep the ripening room at the perfect level so that fruits and vegetables ripen right on time. The humidifier raises the water level in the air, which helps control the growth of airborne bacteria. When the produce is less likely to spoil from bacteria, you end up with a higher quality product that creates more profit. The correct humidity level can also control insects, which can ruin the produce.

Food supply industry businesses need ripening rooms with low maintenance. A high-quality industrial humidifier can provide the control you want without the need for constant maintenance. The systems we build at SmartFog can run continuously without the need for frequent maintenance interruptions. They only need servicing once every two years.

Optimal Humidity Control

Our industrial humidifiers will run within a target level or range you set. These machines conserve power by running only when necessary. They will go on standby until more moisture is needed. They produce tiny water droplets in consistent sizes, as opposed to older systems with less precision. The greater control allows for less water waste and greater energy savings, which helps your bottom line.

You need a humidity control solution that is right for the exact ripening room dimensions and the type of produce you are ripening. Our technicians can create a humidifier that’s right for your needs and your budget. You’ll be pleased with the economical solutions we can provide for you.

Our humidifiers can lower ambient ripening room temperatures by as much as 20 degrees Fahrenheit. This saves stress on the fruits and vegetables and can create a higher quality end product. Our industrial humidifiers in ripening rooms keep the humidity levels steady. Your produce will have a better chance of reaching the customer at peak freshness.

A Humidifier Solution for Your Company

Do you want to improve the quality of your fruits and vegetables with a low-maintenance solution? Connect with us at SmartFog to learn which industrial humidifier is the best choice for your needs. Our machines help control bacteria growth, insect development, static electricity and more so your profit dollars are protected. Request a free quote from us at 1-800-921-5230 or email us at info@smartfog.com with your questions.

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