Why A Fog Commercial Humidifier Is Better

Not all commercial humidifying technology is the same. The great Innovations of dry fog commercial humidifier is taking the lead. To understand why you should choose SmartFog technology over all others, it is important to understand the difference between old-school commercial humidifiers and the smart ones of today.

Old School Humidifiers

Cool mist humidifiers emitted moisture using a variety of designs:

  • Ultrasonic: vibrations create a moist mist.
  • Impeller: A hi-speed, rotating disc creates the moisture
  • Evaporative: a fan blows air through a wet wick or filter which traps particles before being emitted as a mist.

Every system had multiple moving parts and resulted in a wet mist that often created wet spots on surfaces and floors.

New Fog Humidification

Water is forced through a nozzle system to atomize water into a superfine fog. Although many dry fog systems are available, not all are alike. There is only one with the technology to provide humidity control without the creation of any wet spots on surfaces, SmartFog. The fog commercial humidifier has been phenomenal and opened the new era of fog commercial humidifier.

Why Fogging Is Better

Easier Maintenance

With a simplified fog system, mechanical parts like impellers, fans, and motors no longer require maintenance and replacement. With fewer parts to go wrong, a fogging system is much more reliable and more economical to maintain.


The purpose of a humidifying system is to improve air quality. With old systems, water droplets were much larger. Moreover, the gain of improved air quality came at the cost of workplace safety with slick spots of water puddles created on the floor.

Complete Evaporation:

To create a fog, air and water became compressed and forced out through nozzles. This dual stream becomes a fog of billions of microscopic water particles. The SmartFog system has patented technology producing the smallest droplet on the commercial humidifier market today, only 4.2 microns.

How it works

The tiny size of SmartFog water droplets is generated by taking advantage of the naturally cohesive relationship of water. A single drop of water undergoes a process where the oxygen and water molecule charges are reversed. After that, each drop of water split into multiple, individual molecules of oxygen and water. And it produces a fine, dry fog rather than a wet fog. A wet mist, or wet fog, will result in puddles, just as if a light rain had occurred within a building. Puddles will form and work surfaces will become damp. A dry fog evaporates much more quickly. However, droplets can still reach a surface before completely evaporating. Dry fog particles will bounce off of a surface just like a soap bubble. The droplets may continue to rebound until they rest upon a surface.

SmartFog advances dry fog one step further to eliminate any possibility of wet spots. The molecules of a SmartFog system evaporate into the air so rapidly, they never even reach a surface. However, they are so tiny that they can remain suspended in the air longer, allowing for evaporation before reaching a surface.

Healthier Air: For the healthiest air quality possible, SmartFog technology produces the droplet size of 4.2 microns to provide the best sanitizing treatment for air. Larger droplets will repel particulates in the air, leaving them out there for everyone to breathe. The smaller SmartFog droplet first attracts particulates like bacteria, spores, and viruses. When the particles interact with the droplet, they become oxidized. Moreover, the humidification system effectively disinfects the air to breathe. Furthermore, it has the capability to introduce certain chemicals that can provide further sanitization qualities.

Low Maintenance & Energy Efficiency

It is easy and inexpensive for commercial industry to provide the best air quality for its employees. Moreover, it creates the best conditions for laboratories, clean rooms, printing businesses, artifact preservation, and medical treatment facilities. Compared to other systems, a business can opt for a SmartFog humidity control systems that use 50-90% less energy than competitors. Most significantly, De-Correlation Technology that maximizes the energy efficiency potential and SmartFog owned the patent.

The quality of design is carried over into the materials used for the construction of the different systems offered. Whereas, high-grade stainless steel used to make nozzles that won’t clog. The only regular maintenance required for the systems, large and small, are replacing filter elements every two years. Also, no moving parts and simple plug-in installation make SmartFog the industry leader.

Get Your Own

For more information on how to get your own commercial humidifier system, please contact us. A skilled technician can assist you in all the benefits of our different models. Whether your application requires a small portable system or a system to manage the air quality needs of an entire commercial building, we can help you to start today.

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