Which Humidification System is Right for You

SmartFog has many different humidification systems to choose from. In fact, there is a humidification system that works for many different industries. How do you know which one works for your commercial environment? Read on for more information about our four humidification systems and where they work best.

Direct Space

A direct space humidifier is perfect for a one-room situation. Whether this is a winery barrel room, a cold storage area, a ripening room, or a printing house, the direct space humidifier is the perfect solution. It is easy to install and does not require much maintenance. The humidifier can be simply mounted to the wall.


An in-duct humidifier should be used if the system is needed in a bigger space. An in-duct system is perfect for schools and office buildings. Just like the direct space humidifier, it is simple to install and does not require much maintenance.


A mobile humidifier is great in many different situations. It is easy to use. Simply plug in the humidifier and it will start working! This is perfect for a classroom, hospital room, or home that needs a reduction in bacteria and dust suppression. Since SmartFog uses cold fog, there will be no condensation left behind. This is perfect for hospitals and classrooms that would turn into dangerous environments if wet spots were left behind.

Fog Tunnel

The fog tunnel systems are good for any conveyor food system. The materials of the tunnel are food grade and BPA free. It is also RoHS compliant. The tunnel works great for any fruits and vegetables that are going through conveyors as part of the production process. Rest assured that this system is extremely clean due to the air and water being filtered before entering the system. The air and water are also oxygenated at the output.

At SmartFog, we make a humidification system for all types of commercial scenarios.  Work in the wine industry? Invest in a direct space humidifier for the barrel room.  Work in an office building? The in-duct system is for you! Need an easy way to keep your hospital rooms clean? A mobile humidifier is the way to go. Work in a food factory environment? Invest in a food grade fog tunnel. SmartFog has energy-efficient systems that produce small droplets. They eliminate dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses which is desired for any type of commercial environment. Contact SmartFog today for more information about our various humidifiers.


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