What to Look For When Buying an Industrial Humidifier This Winter

It’s important to have the right humidity levels in your workplace during the winter. When you control the humidity levels, you can reduce the spread of airborne diseases and decrease static electricity charges. If you are buying an industrial humidifier this winter, these are the factors you should consider.

Humidifier Type

You need to consider the space where you need the humidifier to work. If you are using it an office space, a direct space humidifier is a good choice. This type of humidifier requires little maintenance and it has a quick installation process.

You may need a humidifier that will move to different locations within a building or warehouse. In this case, a mobile humidifier will meet your needs. Clients in the food storage and trucking industries can benefit from this type of humidifier.

For large areas, an in-duct humidifier is a good choice. This type of humidifier sends tiny water droplets through the ducts of your heating and air conditioning system. Hospitals, laboratories, and schools may benefit from an in-duct humidifier.


Traditional humidifiers typically use steam, ultrasonic or high-pressure technologies to get water droplets into the air. The downside to these humidifiers is that they waste water and energy, which can cost you money. These models use moving parts which need constant maintenance and may frequently need repairs.

SmartFog uses a different type of technology, called de-correlation. Our technology creates much smaller water droplets that fully evaporate. You will have ideal humidity levels with no drips or water puddles. The tiny water droplets catch dust and airborne particles, helping remove them from the air.

Cost Concerns

When buying an industrial humidifier, you need to consider the short-term costs versus the long-term costs. The short-term costs of installation can be significant, but they can greatly save you over time. Let’s look at an example.

If you have an office space, your employees may pass airborne diseases, like influenza, around in the dry winter air. The more employees that become sick, the more downtime is required. You can lose precious working hours due to air that is too dry.

By humidifying the air with SmartFog equipment, you improve the chances that your employees won’t get sick in the first place. You also decrease the chances that they will pass the disease around since the water droplets clean the air. You can save a bundle on lost work hours simply by humidifying the air to the proper levels.

We offer many different solutions based on your budget. When you talk with us, we’ll assess your needs and make several different recommendations at different price points. You can choose the best quality humidifier for your unique needs, which will save you money over time.

By choosing a SmartFog industrial humidifier, you also save money over a lower-quality model. These humidifiers need constant upkeep, and you may need to replace them frequently. A single purchase with SmartFog can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars each year. Contact us today to learn which industrial humidifier is the best choice for you.

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