What Kind of Accessories Should You Look for in a Commercial Humidifier?

You have every reason to buy a humidifier in your commercial business when you consider how much damage low or high humidity can bring. What you don’t know could hurt you, but finding a reliable humidifier can sometimes bring a challenge in finding features you need. If you think you’ve found the right features, what about accessories to help bring added innovation to maintaining your indoor air?

Some humidifier brands only give you basic features to take care of basic situations. Yet, each commercial business has unique situations. You want to add specific accessories to help bring more quality and address unique humidity problems.

At Smart Fog, we’ve worked hard to create accessories in our humidifier products that help bring proven solutions. This comes in controllers, humidity sensors, pipes and fittings, and other optional parts bringing state-of-the-art technology.

Let’s look at what you should consider and how they solve various humidity issues.

Control Centers

When you own a direct-space humidifier, you want a control center allowing you to use automation to successfully conquer your humidity problem. We provide two different ones, depending on the humidifier model you use. They allow you to set your unit appropriately so you don’t have to continually monitor how it’s working.

Thanks to no moving parts, you can control your humidifier without causing injury to employees. The controller also uses a plug and play install system so it doesn’t take long to get things set up. You don’t have to worry about excessive maintenance either thanks to a durable design.

With an easy-to-read controller, you can set your humidifier and forget about any issues. It won’t require constant guidance like you would on other units that never seem to maintain a perfect RH balance.

A Relative Humidity Sensor

A major accessory you’re going to need is a relative humidity sensor so your humidifier keeps things balanced. The more sensitive this is, the more you can accurately bring a perfect RH percentage.

Our S Series sensor withstands the harshest environments so you can place it anywhere within your building. You’ll get accuracy between 1% and 0.1%, which you usually can’t find in competing products.

Temperature compensation is another major feature you need, and you’ll find that equipped in each sensor.

Pipes and Fittings

Your humidifier may need some extra pipes or fittings to perform certain functions. All of these accessories should have durable materials, and we use polyethene to keep them strong and not needing constant maintenance.

These aren’t complicated to connect to your humidifier either. Some fittings are almost impossible to fasten on without taking excessive time and power tools. Ours snap on in a second without complication.

Filter Systems

It’s important to use a good filter system when pouring water into your direct-space humidifier. From us, you’ll get a filter that successfully removes all minerals in the water for cleaner operation.

A digital interface on the filter lets you set the appropriate ratio so you don’t get a misreading and end up with impurities.

PC Communication

How many humidifiers can integrate with your PC to keep tabs on operation through your business computers? One of our major accessories allows you to connect your humidifier this way so you can collect data on how you use your product.

Don’t discount the value in collecting data while using our humidifier since it can help you adjust it for future use.

Also, with the PC connection, you’ll control your humidifier remotely if you work in an overly large building.

Contact us at Smart Fog to learn more about our humidifier accessories and how they fit into the model you choose.

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