What is the Humidification Process

Humidification is the process of elevating the level of water vapor present in the atmosphere. This aspect of climate control is crucial to many industrial processes, as elevated levels affect the outcomes of numerous processes positively. In food ripening, for example, elevated humidity levels help to eliminate problems such as mold, and also suppress bacteria to maximize the longevity of produce. Humidifier systems produce a cooling effect, which is useful in storage facilities such as wine cellars, where cooler temperatures are ideal.

Power-saving Humidification Equipment

Equipment that must run continuously can be a source of high electricity bills, but power-saving humidification equipment can be obtained. A machine which raises humidity levels to a preset target and then switches off until needed is economical. Different systems are suited to particular applications: a wall-mountable device is perfectly adequate for a small enclosed space, but larger spaces may require a modular system that can be scaled according to specific needs. Find a scalable system through www.smartfog.com.

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