What Is Smart Fog Technology

Smart Fog is an innovative technology that has been implemented by leading humidifier manufacturers. Older machinery sometimes produced unwanted side-effects such as the formation of wet spots. This is undesirable, since damp can lead to mold and structural damage. The systems that are currently being produced eliminate all wetting, by ensuring that water droplets are small and consistent in size. This minimizes cohesion, or the property of attraction between water molecules, and this ensures that water vapor remains airborne until it has evaporated.

Why Smart Fog Systems have become Popular

Businesses operating in a diverse range of industries have been impressed with the efficiency of Smart Fog systems. Low-pressure systems do not only guzzle less power – they are also safer to operate. One of the advantages of machines using this technology is that they do not require frequent maintenance. This is preferable in industries where constant humidification is important, as infrequent maintenance means less downtime. Easy-to-install humidifiers which suit many specialized applications can be found at www.smartfog.com.

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