What Is Humidity?

What is ‘humidity’ in popular terms is, correctly speaking, ‘relative humidity’. This refers to the amount of water vapor that is present in the air. In tropical regions, a clammy, damp feeling is the result of high levels of atmospheric moisture. Humidification is a necessary process in a variety of industries, and forms a part of climate control (other aspects include ventilation). Precise control of moisture is possible through the use of humidifier systems.


What is Humidity Elevation’s Use?

There are multiple possible answers to the question ‘what is humidity elevation’s use?’ Depending on the industry concerned, humidification can serve any purpose from dust suppression to preventing the spread of harmful bacteria. In agricultural applications, a fog system helps to ensure that plants are kept under conditions in which they are likely to flourish. In wine cellar climate control, constant humidification helps to prevent corks from drying out, so that improper sealing does not lead to oxidation. Find a system that is energy efficient at www.smartfog.com.

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