What Industries Need a Mobile Humidifier and Why?

If you work in certain business industries, humidification is essential for the quality of your product, and sometimes even the safety of your employees. Industries from medical care to commercial printers can benefit from a commercial humidifier. However, not every business has the same humidification needs. Some industries benefit from a full, in-duct humidification system. However, others can gain more from a mobile humidifier. Here’s why.

What Is a Mobile Humidifier?

Mobile humidifiers differ from traditional built-in ones in many ways. They are quieter, and they require less energy to operate. This means that they’re a great way to save on costs. Some common types of businesses that benefit from mobile humidifiers include museums, galleries, large offices, and other spacious workspaces with multiple sections. Unlike standard commercial humidifiers, mobile humidifiers aren’t attached to the walls or installed in the ducts. They are mobile, and they’re easy to move from one area to another. If your needs for humidity change from one room to the next, then a mobile humidifier makes more sense.

How Smart Fog Mobile Humidifiers Differ

Humidifiers work by saturating the air with water molecules. The problem with traditional humidifiers is that water molecules attract one another. Because of this, they can form condensation and puddles. This can be destructive and pose slip and fall risks in the workplace. Smart Fog works differently. Our technology changes the charge of the expelled water molecules so that instead of attracting one another, they repel. Therefore, there is no risk of water pooling or condensation.

Why Choose a Mobile Humidifier

If you own a business where you need a humidifier to be moved from place to place, then investing in an overall commercial humidifier isn’t economically sound. Buying a mobile unit means that you can use it to concentrate humidity exactly where you need it. And, if you choose a Smart Fog mobile humidifier, you never have to worry about pooling when you increase humidity for better business operations.

Many industries can benefit from the use of a commercial humidifier. With a mobile humidifier, you gain flexibility and control of your humidification system. If you are going to invest in a commercial humidifier, make sure to get the highest quality available. Smart Fog mobile commercial humidifiers use cutting edge technology to keep your workspace safe and your product protected. Visit our website to explore the humidification system options available to you today.

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