Using a Humidification System for Dust Suppression to Prevent Illness in Your Company

While you may not immediately notice it, there’s a major threat to your workplace in the air: Dust. This once became such a problem in the workplace once, the EPA had to create hazard standards so all industries would control air particles. However, it’s not easy to suppress dust since it can become overly prevalent in many industrial settings.

Perhaps you remember having to invest in bag houses or electrostatic precipitators to control the dust in your work environment. In fact, these are still in use. It’s not to say they aren’t extremely expensive, bulky, and usually need considerable maintenance.

Only a unique humidification system properly controls dust to EPA standards. The problem is so many humidifiers on the market are expensive and need excess maintenance as well. Others just aren’t energy-efficient enough while leaving condensation on surfaces.

At Smart Fog, we’ve designed humidifying systems that work much differently. Let’s look at how much of a risk dust is to worker health and how we’ll fix it for you.

Common Short-Term Dangers of Dust

You maybe didn’t know the sources for dust are tremendous. It all depends on the type of industry you work in, though all dust can cause short-term health dangers to your workers. They can even end up getting long-term illnesses when exposed to excessively dusty surroundings for years.

One of the most common and immediate health signs is respiratory issues in your employees. Small dust particles move into the nose and pharynx, hence causing issues with breathing. If your workers already have problems with asthma or susceptible to pneumonia, this could become very serious.

You’ll start to notice some of your employees having to skip work due to excessive coughing. Regardless, problems can equally happen at your work site.

Other Short-Term Dangers

Workplace safety experts note dust clouds can sometimes cause explosions, leading to objects flying and potentially injuring workers. While this is quite rare, it gives a reminder about how dangerous dust can become.

Outside of this, employees may notice skin and eye problems from dust exposure. You may write this off as being merely allergen problems. Yet, dry skin and irritated eyes on a regular basis are probably signs of poor working conditions.

Our Smart Fog Fogger is the answer to this with low water and energy consumption to save you money. Plus, we use small droplet size technology to ensure dust becomes thoroughly eliminated.

While our technologies help dust suppression for short-term problems, what about long-term illness risks?

Long-Term Dangers of Dust

Not doing anything about controlling workplace dust may lead to your workers breathing dust for decades to come. After breathing it for years without protection, they could develop lung cancer, asthma, or possible skin cancer.

Protective clothing can sometimes help, though you need to tackle the dust head-on with the proper equipment.

We’ll test to see how bad your dust is in your workplace and fix it immediately with our fogger. One thing you’re going to like is you won’t need constant maintenance since our fogger system has a large orifice to prevent clogging.

In addition, we’ve avoided using moving parts in our equipment to eliminate worry about them breaking down earlier than you expected.

Again, our small water droplet technology guarantees you’ll knock all small dust particles out of the air. It’s just one example of the innovations we’ve provided in our foggers and all humidifier products.

We’re able to do custom installations (including in-duct systems), so you meet the EPA standards expected of you.

Contact us to learn more about how bad dust is and the technologies we’ve developed to control it better than anyone else.

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