Understanding Commercial Humidifier Applications for Warehouses

Commercial warehouses are spread out over all the U.S., storing dry and refrigerated goods and ranging in size from hundreds to thousands of square feet. Millions of employees work in warehouses everyday, as well, which means workplace safety and comfort is necessary to maintain. Controlling the humidity levels has a lot to do with all of these topics, which makes choosing the right humidification system important. In an effort to help businesses understand commercial humidifier applications for warehouses, let’s discuss these topics further.

4 Things Commercial Humidifiers Should Do

When thinking about the top four functions businesses need out of their humidification systems, these 4 come to mind:

#1. Accurately Controls Humidity to Preserve Goods and Create Comfortable Environment

#2. Easy to Install and Maintain

#3. Sanitizes the Air

#4. Energy-Efficient and Safe

Depending on where the warehouse is located, the air can either have too much or too little moisture; both of these extremes are uncomfortable for workers and can damage goods and equipment. Therefor, the main focus is for the humidifier to accurately control the moisture levels.

In the process of controlling the moisture levels in the air, business owners don’t want to have to go to extreme lengths to install and maintain the humidification system. They need an easy to install system that doesn’t require drainage, fans, or regular maintenance. Also, because of the goods and workers, the humidifier can’t cause wetting below.

Owners of warehouses need the working environment to be as clean and sanitized as possible for their workers, goods, and equipment. This has a lot to do with the air quality, which can carry air-borne pathogens that cause sickness and are damaging to goods. The humidifier, therefor, needs to sanitize the air and eliminate these air-borne pathogens.

Lastly, the humidification system needs to be energy-efficient and safe to use. The last thing owners want or need is a high-pressure, hot, unsafe, and expensive piece of equipment to manage and use. The humidifier needs to be energy-efficient and safe for the warehouse environment and workers.

ES100 Series Commercial Humidifiers

The good news is that innovation in humidification technology has made these 4 functions possible for commercial warehouses. Specifically, Smart Fog® De-Correlation Technology used in the ES100 series humidifiers is the perfect solution for controlling humidity in warehouses.

This technology uses a non-chemical, mechanical process to create 4.2 micron sized (smallest in industry) droplets, which attracts and oxidizes air-borne pathogens, thus, eliminating them.

The small droplets also evaporate 100% before hitting any surfaces, which means there’s no wetting. The ES100 series humidifiers are low pressure systems (90psi) using 0.2 to 0.4 kW at maximum capacity. This means these are safe and economical humidification systems, and require for maintenance only a filter change once every 2 years.

There are ES100 humidifiers for cold and standard temperatures, and for warehouses up to 10,000 SQ feet; the MS100 can be used for larger warehouses. Another aspect warehouse owners will like is how easy these humidification systems are to set up; they can be wall mounted or placed inside duct systems with easy plug and play installation.


Commercial and industrial warehouses should look no further than Smart Fog’s commercial humidification products. The ES100 series is an easy plug and play humidification system that: requires very low maintenance, sanitizes the air, creates a comfortable environment, preserves and protects goods and equipment, is energy-efficient, and is built to last a lifetime.

Smart Fog has developed dry fog humidification systems using our patented Smart Fog® Technology, which is the leading innovation and development in the humidification industry today. We have the right humidifiers for each application, no matter how large, what location, or what kind of goods and equipment are inside the commercial warehouse. If interested in learning more please contact us today.

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