The Role Of Adhesion in Dust Suppression using Humidifiers

The property of water to be attracted to other materials is also known as ‘adhesion’. Maximizing this effect is a crucial aspect of dust suppression in storage facilities and other locations. Accumulated particles can clog sensitive equipment or pose a potential health hazard, and a good humidifier system can quickly reduce the amount of airborne dust, by trapping it inside water molecules. Smart fog systems are designed to provide efficient humidification at lower cost.

Automated Humidification and Dust Suppression

The latest in humidifier technology offers a high degree of automation, so that systems can be configured and left to perform dust suppression and humidification. A system that is designed so that it will not clog easily will be safe from obstruction. When you are trying to decide on the right machine for your application, speak with your manufacturers and suppliers, for sound advice. A range of sophisticated products are available via

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