The Right Environment for Orchid Growing

Create a healthier, more comfortable indoor climate in your greenhouse with Smart Fog humidifiers. Greenhouse Humidifiers are ideal for orchid cultivation, vegetable and fruit storage, growing centers, poultry farms, hatcheries and more.

Orchids in particular prefer a higher humidity than most other outdoor plants. If you live in an area that is naturally high in humidity, you may not need to artificially add to the air humidity in your planting area.

However, if you live in a drier climate, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to increase the humidity in the area you’re growing your orchids. It’s important to learn the specific humidity requirements of each of your orchids, as some tend to prefer a more humid environment than others.

A humidifier is an easy method of quickly increasing the orchid humidity in your growing area. Most orchids prefer at least a 10-degree difference in their daytime highs and nighttime lows in order to grow correctly. Different types of orchids prefer different temperatures, so know your orchid humidity and temperature preferences.

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