The Importance of Humidity to Human Health

When sickness spreads throughout a company, certain things automatically get the blame. It’s said to be because of the weather, or crowded conditions, or perhaps due to weakened immune systems. While some of these statements may have a bit of a basis in truth, one of the biggest culprits is usually overlooked: Humidity. For this reason, the importance of humidity to human health is very crucial.

Low Humidity Allows Germs to Spread Further

If the humidity is low, the droplets from people’s sneezes are finer and can hang in the air for hours. This, rather than the temperature, is why colds and the flu spread more in the winter. The lower humidity of this season causes the perfect environment for germs to contaminate an entire room.

Low Humidity Irritates the Airways

This is a secondary reason for increased sickness in dry conditions. Irritated airways are less able to resist infection. Airborne germs thereby gain easy entrance into the tissues of those affected, and the sickness spreads.

High Humidity is Also a Problem

The short solution to problems caused by low humidity is to run a humidifier. However, it’s important to get a good model. This is because simply blasting moisture into the air without proper control can cause other problems.

Extremely high humidity makes people feel like it’s hard to breathe. It also makes physical activity more difficult. When taken to the extremes, it causes fungal growth, increased dust mite populations, and increased pest populations. All of these contribute to problems with allergies.

To avoid causing these problems, you need a machine that you can set to produce the optimum range of humidity for human health: 30-50%. Avoid equipment that just runs constantly with no true control system.

What to Look For in a Workplace Humidifier

A good humidifier is the key to health in the workplace. There are several things you should look for when choosing this equipment. True humidity control is one of the most important of these.

The next important aspect is the size of the droplets the humidifier produces. Ideally, they will be tiny enough to evaporate before they ever reach a surface. This produces a general increase in humidity without making anyone feel like they’re in a rainforest.

Our humidifiers are made with this in mind and produce what we refer to as “dry fog.” Indoor surfaces and people all remain dry even as the air gains moisture.

Good, low-maintenance reliability is also essential. Most people in workplace settings don’t want to spend much time working on basic equipment. Doing so distracts workers from the primary tasks your company has for them.

We understand this, so we make our Smart Fog machines very durable. There are no moving parts and the nozzles are stainless steel. Together, this makes it so that our machines can run for two years between maintenance times.

New Humidifiers Should be Easy to Install

If you’ve delayed buying a humidifier because of worries about the installation process, wait no longer. Smart Fog humidifiers work with a flexible hose, so you don’t have to get into complicated pipe fitting to set them up. Even better, we offer several model types so that you can install one in any situation.

Thanks to the benefits provided by proper humidity, installing a humidifier can pay for itself in just one or two seasons thanks to reduced sickness and increased productivity. Choosing Smart Fog machines, in particular, ensures that you get the level of control, reliability, and installation flexibility you need. For these reasons, there’s no doubt that going with Smart Fog is the best choice for solving your humidity-related issues.

To learn more about the importance of humidity and Smart Fog , just contact us. We’ll be glad to explain all of the benefits and options.

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