The Best In-Duct Humidifier For Commercial Needs

For a business interested in a humidifying system that provides climate control capabilities anywhere in a building, industry professionals frequently recommend an in-duct humidifier. Not all in-duct humidification systems equally made. The most important elements that set one system apart from others is the simplicity with which it is designed for installation and the patented technology that creates superior evaporation of water droplets.


A SmartFog in-duct system contains no moving parts and its design allows to plug in quickly and easily. The modular system guarantees that it will fit any application regardless of the size of ductwork. It is completely maintenance free that only requires replacement of filter elements every two years.

This system also provides maximum potential for a clean working environment. The plug-in simplicity means it is easy to perform routine air duct cleaning. The National Institutes of Health continue their ongoing research into the effectiveness of air duct cleaning to preserve health through controlling air quality. Evidence supports that ductwork gets contaminated with dust and conditions for microbial growth is commonly found.

Commercial work environments, particularly clean rooms or museums charged with the preservation of artifacts, may find routine air duct cleaning as one more vital housekeeping duty. With a plug-in air duct humidifying system, air duct cleaning is a breeze. One of the most common reasons a property manager might procrastinate scheduling air duct cleaning. The only complication they might face is to remove and reinstall an in-duct humidifying system. So, avoid increasing the time and cost of air duct cleaning by using a plug-in and go in-duct humidifier.

Superior Evaporation

Humidity control should only be about the moisture in the air. Creating puddles on floors and surfaces is not a goal for businesses desiring a humidification system. The best humidification technology is the patented SmartFog system that guarantees the smallest water droplet, 4.2 microns, and 100% evaporation before reaching surfaces. The smaller droplet size ensures that the water droplet remains suspended in the air until it evaporates. Not only does this mean improved workplace safety by eliminating the hazard of wet spots, but it also means complete suppression of dust particles. Furthermore, it can significantly eliminate bacteria, insects, mold, and viruses.

Other Benefits

If the simplicity of in-duct installation and 100% evaporation technology weren’t enough, SmartFog technology provides an abundance of other benefits. Even the best technology is worthless without reliability. Some industrial climates are harsh, affecting the reliability of delicate electronic control systems. The sensors of a SmartFog system can manage harsh elements while still providing accuracy, responding automatically to environmental conditions. The automatic response of this humidification system is crucial for a business. Rather than distract with monitoring the humidification system, a company can focus on what it does best.

Customization capabilities are endless. Have a unique application requirement? The engineers at SmartFog are available for consultation to find a solution for your particular need.

Industries In Need Of Complete Humidity Control

Museums and clean rooms have already been mentioned. But many commercial applications require in-duct humidifier solutions:

  • Greenhouses
  • Laboratories
  • Printing companies
  • Cold food processing

Does your company need a humidifier? No matter large or small, an in-duct humidity control system may solve your problem. Even if a company does not need humidity control throughout an entire building, they can use it as well. The in-duct humidifiers can simply plug-in to operate in a single room or any number of rooms that need humidity control.

Where To Get In-Duct Humidifier

It is easy to get an in-duct humidifier for your own business. You just need to contact us. We are available for consultation in whatever medium our customers prefer. You can either log on to our website for a quick chat or send an email or give us a call or visit us on social sites. Our experienced humidity professionals are ready to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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