The Best Commercial Humidifiers for Schools

Humidifiers are very necessary for schools.  Smart Fog uses cutting edge technology to control humidity. A SmartFog humidifier will eliminate dust, mold, bacteria, and viruses.  These are all things that are present in school buildings. With a SmartFog humidifier, your school building will be cleaner and healthier in no time! The humidifiers are efficient, non-clogging, and low pressure making them extremely safe for the school environment. Read on to learn more about three of the best commercial humidifiers SmartFog has to offer.

ES 100 Industrial Humidifiers

ES100 Industrial Humidifiers are direct space humidifiers that work extremely well.  They have no moving parts and thus are maintenance-free. There are 4 models under the ES100 category including the ES100-1, the ES100-1H, the ES100-2, and the ES100-2H. The model selection depends on the capacity needed and minimum temperature requirement. All of the ES 100 models are non-clogging, safe, and eliminate mold, bacteria, viruses, and insects. They also don’t leave behind wet spots which is very important in a school environment. The filter must be replaced on these systems every 2 years.

TS100 In-Duct Humidifiers

Perhaps even more apt for a school building is an in-duct humidifier. This humidifier is non-wetting, maintenance-free, and has no moving parts.  It successfully eliminates mold, bacteria, dust, viruses, and insects. Under the TS100 model are the TS100-1, TS100-1H, TS100-2, and the TS100-2H. The in-duct system is perfect for school as it is out of sight, doing its job without being seen.

ES100M Mobile Humidifier

The ES100M is a spot or temporary mobile humidifier. This can be used if there is a problem in a particular classroom that necessitates a humidifier. This humidifier provides consistent coverage throughout the room without leaving behind wet spots. As with the previously mentioned models, it is maintenance-free, simply requiring a filter change every 2 years. The humidifier works at all temperatures. It also disinfects and sanitizes without any water dissolving chemicals. This is perfect for the classroom that has been hit with the flu bug! It is also a good investment for the nurse’s office.

Schools have many options when it comes to commercial humidifiers. Smart Fog provides three great options with the ES100, TS100, and ES100M models.  Unfortunately, schools are naturally filled with dust, bacteria, viruses and sometimes mold. It is important that children are learning in a space that is safe for their health.  This is where the humidifier comes into play. It is an easy, cost-effective way to make school environments much more healthy. Contact SmartFog today for more information about getting a humidifier installed in your school.

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