Switch to Productive Commercial Humidifier to Make Your Warehouse Safer

Warehouses are often among a company’s most neglected assets. After all, their main purpose is to store items until moving to next destinations. At most, some packing and shipping operations will take place as well. What is the ideal environment? The answer may surprise you. Your warehouse needs a productive commercial humidifier.

Environmental Controls

Inventory is surprisingly sensitive to its environment. If it’s too wet, it molds or gets soggy. When it’s too dry, it cracks, adhesives lose their strength, and coatings peel. Clearly, it is crucial to keep warehouse humidity at the right level.

Temperature is another important aspect of warehouse storage. Like dryness, cold temperatures can cause materials to crack and adhesives to lose their sticking power. Heat, on the other hand, results in faster aging of many materials.

Tackle Both Issues with a Commercial Warehouse Humidifier

Here at Smart Fog, we know that commercial applications require much more precision than residential ones. Therefore, we start with an easy system for controlling the exact humidity level. This lets you precisely match that level with the needs of your inventory and personnel.

Humidifiers are also good for cooling the air. This makes it easier to keep your warehouse from overheating in the summer.

What Else Can a Commercial Humidifier Do?

A good humidifier will also lower the amount of dust in your warehouse. Whether you have dust from the outdoors, cardboard crates, or stored boxes, our humidifiers will help keep it from flying around. This keeps your inventory from looking prematurely shopworn. It’ll also improve the health of your employees since they won’t be breathing in as much foreign material.

Proper humidity also helps prevent the spread of germs. Bacteria and viruses remain airborne for hours or days after someone sneezes in dry air. When the air has sufficient moisture, the germs fall out of it or are oxidized shortly after entering it.

What Types of Systems Do You Offer?

We have a variety of designs to suit your needs. Direct space humidifiers are box-shaped units that blow our “dry fog” directly into the air. These are great for general warehouses because they can be mounted up high and cover large areas.

Our other humidifier types include mobile units, fog tunnels, and in-duct systems. If your warehouse handles unique inventory such as foods, you may find that they are good for certain areas within. They’re also excellent choices if you have areas of your facility dedicated to specialty storage or processing.

Why Choose Smart Fog Units?

Smart Fog humidifiers are far more efficient than those made by the competition. In fact, ours are 90% more efficient than some competing models!

Our humidifiers also have very low-maintenance stainless steel nozzles. They can go up to two years without maintenance and still work fine. It’s as close to “set and forget” as this equipment can be.

These nozzles produce super-fine droplets of water. This keeps the water from settling onto surfaces such as your inventory and boxes. Instead, it evaporates into the air before landing. You’ll never have to worry about increased mold caused by films of water!

Our systems work under low pressure. It only takes 100 psi of compressed air to blow the fine droplets through a Smart Fog humidifier. This allows the use of flexible plastic tubing, so installation is fast and easy.

There are no moving parts in our productive commercial humidifier. So, there are zero chances of getting hurt from them.

To learn more about Smart Fog humidifiers and how they’ll help your warehouse, just contact us. We’ll be glad to tell you all about them. We also provide installation tips so you get the most out of your new humidification system.

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