Static Electricity Workplace

Static electricity can be fascinating, frustrating, or downright dangerous.  When we were young, sticking balloons to each other after a celebration, making our hair stand on end, or shocking our siblings by touching them after sliding on the living room rug, were fun and benign static electricity experiences.  Later, we grew frustrated when our favorite dress shirt or skirt stuck to us, when we were trying to look attractive and put together.  Or, we felt like yelling when we took off a winter cap, only to have our hair follow the hat into the air.  In a work environment, static electricity can wreak havoc, making the manufacture of certain items dangerous or difficult, or causing machinery to malfunction, or workers to experience daily discomfort.

In work environments where static electricity is an issue, there are options for industrial static control.  A properly utilized commercial humidification system, especially one that utilizes non-wetting fog, can balance the air in a workplace so that the build-up of static electricity is reduced or eliminated.  This can make working conditions exponentially safer, and workers a great deal more comfortable, as the air will feel noticeably less dry without being damp.  If your staff is complaining about issues with static electricity, consider investing in a static control and humidification system.  It will improve the health of your employees, the safety of your workplace, and ultimately, your bottom line.

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