How To Increase Cannabis Yields and Quality With Humidity 

The right humidity levels ensure that every stage of the cannabis growth cycle is completed smoothly. But it only takes one wet spot – one pathogen or one mold spore – to diminish the value of a crop or, at worst, ruin it completely. To prevent this outcome, these are the challenges humidifiers must overcome in the grow room.

How High Humidity Ruins Your Crops

Mold, bacteria, and pathogens are thieves in the night, sneaking in, wrecking your plants, and robbing you of those top-notch yields. How do they get in? They thrive in stagnant water. When humidity is constantly high, your plants can suffer from edge burn, soft growth, and mineral deficiencies.

To keep your plants safe and ensure high-quality yields, you must eep the humidity below 70% and make sure there’s no unwanted wetness. 

But Don’t Go Too Low Either.

However, lowering humidity isn’t a perfect defense against diseases and rot. Low humidity can also weaken your plants’ immune systems, making them vulnerable to diseases like edema.

Plus, when humidity drops below 30% RH, your plants can’t absorb moisture effectively. This leads to weight loss and shrinking. The key to protecting your crops is maintaining the right amount of non-wetting humidity.

The Self-Evaporative Humidification Solution 

Self-evaporative technology creates the same stable humidity levels you’d find in natural environments. It never fluctuates, never wastes, and always evaporates just right. Here’s how the right humidity ensures your plants are growing in the most ideal conditions possible:

Non-Wetting Technology

Smart Fog Humidifiers employ advanced non-wetting technology to maintain a balanced environment without causing wet spots. This is crucial for healthy plant growth, as excessive moisture can lead to various plant diseases and growth issues.

Precise Humidity Control

Smart Fog Humidifiers offer precise humidity control, maintaining steady humidity levels 24/7. This consistency is essential for improving crop quality and preventing common issues like mold and mildew, which can thrive in fluctuating humidity conditions.

Clean Environments 

These humidifiers produce fog that is free of bacteria, viruses, cysts, and pathogens. This ensures a clean and safe growing environment, reducing the risk of contamination and promoting healthier plant growth.

Automated Controls and Data Logging

Smart Fog Humidifiers come with fully automated controls and data logging capabilities. This technology allows for easy monitoring and adjustment of humidity levels throughout all stages of plant growth, eliminating the need for manual interventions and ensuring optimal growing conditions at all times.

Key Takeaways

By maintaining the desired relative humidity level within a +/- 2% range throughout all growth stages, cultivators can significantly enhance plant health, increase yields, and even boost THC levels.

Additionally, the humidifier system allows cultivators to inject water-soluble fertilizers, nutrients, disease control agents, and sanitation solutions into the fog. This creates a multi-zone system tailored to the unique needs of different plants.

Ultimately, cultivators leverage self-evaporative humidification to provide precise, non-wetting humidity, thereby amplifying plant yield, uniformity, and quality.

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