How Humidity Optimizes Data Centers

How Humidity Optimizes Data Centers 

Data centers are essential for housing the computing and networking equipment that powers our digital world. Did you know that the world’s largest data center market is right here in the United States? Located in northern Virginia just outside Washington, DC, this region is home to numerous data centers for major companies like Amazon Web Services and AT&T. Maintaining proper humidity levels is crucial for these facilities to ensure equipment runs efficiently and effectively. At Smart Fog, we’ve partnered with many data centers to install our commercial humidifiers, providing the optimal environment for machinery to operate. Here’s how our systems can benefit your data center.

Precise, Controlled Humidity Levels 24/7/365

Investing in a Smart Fog system for your data center means you’ll enjoy stable, non-fluctuating humidity levels year-round. Our systems are equipped with a CPLC controller that uses an intelligent algorithm to generate the required humidity for any environment. Smart Fog systems draw in the warm, dry air from all the equipment, filter it through the system, and output cool, humidified air. This feature is particularly important for data centers, which can get very warm from all the equipment, ensuring a consistent and optimal level of humidity.

Automated Controls

Smart Fog humidifiers come with fully automated controls and data logging capabilities. Data center employees can adjust and verify humidity levels at any time using a time-frame program, ensuring that the environment remains optimal for equipment operation. The data logging feature allows users to monitor humidity levels and understand their impact on the efficiency and performance of the equipment.

No Wet Spots

When people think of humidifiers, they often worry about wet spots and damp surfaces. With Smart Fog, this concern is eliminated. Our commercial humidifiers produce micron droplets, the smallest in the industry at 4.2 microns. These droplets evaporate completely before reaching the ground, ensuring your environment remains humid without wet spots. This feature is crucial in a data center, where wet equipment can lead to damage and safety hazards.

Dust Suppression

A Smart Fog system also helps eliminate dust in your data center. The machines inside data centers are expensive, and dust can cause them to malfunction. Smart Fog uses technology that injects oxygen into each droplet produced by the humidifier. Our de-correlation technology reverses cohesion and maximizes adhesion, attracting airborne dust to the droplets. Once adhered, the dust is oxidized, achieving a 100% dust suppression rate. The tiny droplets ensure total dust suppression, protecting your equipment from damage.

Reduces Airborne Pathogens

Similar to our dust suppression technology, Smart Fog systems can also oxidize viruses and bacteria. Protecting the health of your data center staff is crucial, and our system can reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses within the facility. This leads to healthier employees, fewer sick days, and improved productivity.

Low Maintenance

Smart Fog systems are designed to be low maintenance. Simply plug them in, and they are ready to go. We understand that data center staff are busy ensuring equipment runs smoothly, and our humidifiers won’t add to your workload. With no moving parts, our systems are unlikely to break and require repairs. The plastic and flexible piping inside the system is durable, ensuring long-lasting performance.

Improves Quality

Overall, a Smart Fog commercial humidifier will enhance the quality of your data center. By maintaining precise humidity levels without leaving wet spots or dust, your machinery can operate efficiently and effectively. Our system also provides a cooling effect, preventing equipment from overheating. For data centers, a Smart Fog humidifier is an excellent choice to keep your facility running smoothly. In the long run, it can save you money by prolonging the lifespan of your equipment through ideal operating conditions.

Key Takeaways:

As the world becomes increasingly connected, data centers play a crucial role in supporting large-scale computing and networking equipment. Smart Fog’s commercial humidifiers are perfect for these environments, providing precise humidity levels while reducing dust, bacteria, and viruses. Because of self-evaporative humidification technology, no wet spots are left behind. Our humidifiers make your data center more efficient by allowing equipment to operate in an ideal environment with perfect temperature and humidity levels. Additionally, our systems are easy to set up and require minimal maintenance. For more information about commercial humidifiers and installing one in your data center, contact Smart Fog today.

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