SmartFog Humidifiers Can Decrease Chances of Sick Building Syndrome

Sick Building Syndrome is an unhealthy condition usually caused from VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds). During breathing, digest or perspire both pet and people releases VOCs. The other sources of VOCs are furniture, dust, carpet, paint, adhesives, cleaning agents, pesticides, and printer (especially laser printer). SmartFog Humidifiers designed to fight against airborne germs and can decrease chances of SBS as well.

However, the symptoms sometimes confused with allergies as they both quite have the same issues. It includes nausea, headaches, dizziness, pains and aches, poor concentration, breathing problem, irritation of eye and throats. Most surprisingly, it can reduce the work efficiency and increase absenteeism which can affect the working environment of a business very badly.

Although it can affect anyone but workers of the modern buildings that have mechanical ventilation are at high risk. Moreover, people who work daily with display screen equipment experience the problem very often. However, NHS has reported that people at home can be affected by Sick Building Syndrome too.

Causes of SBS (Sick Building Syndrome)

1. Chemical Contaminants: 
Polluting agents like motor vehicle exhaust, building exhausts, plumbing vents can enter the workplace if you have a poorly assembled vent and exhaust system. Also, others triggering agent like asbestos, lead paint and dust can pass through other poorly located vent and other openings. At the same time, carpeting, upholstery, wood products, combustion byproduct from the fireplace, stove and other heaters can also increase the chances of chemical contamination.

2. Biological Contaminants: It includes bacteria, fungus, pollen, viruses, and molds. At the stagnant water of AC, ducts, and drainpipes, these contaminants can easily breed.

3. Inadequate Ventilation: The main source of SBS is VOCs. Poor Ventilation, malfunctioning heating, and air-conditioning can also increase pollution of the indoor air. Moreover, the poor design and structure of building that cramped offices in one building lead to inadequate ventilation. The American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has set a standard of 20cfm/person in office area whereas setting the minimum of 15 cfm/person.

4. Electromagnetic Radiation: Electronics devices like Computer, television, microwave oven emit electromagnetic waves and ozonize air. Without proper grounding, excessive electrical wiring can also create the high magnetic field which can cause cancer.

5. Psychological factors: Sick Building Syndrome not only affects your physical health but also affect mental health. Stress, poor communication, dissatisfaction can also be associated with it.

Prevention And Control

  1. Increase air flow and ventilation rate. The HVAC should meet the local building code standard. Regular maintenance is necessary to have fresh air without pollution.
  2. Increase the ventilation rates and air distribution. The heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems should follow the local building codes to meet ventilation standards. According to the ASHRAE, the recommended air exchange rate is 8.4 per 24 hours.
  3. One of the useful and modern techniques is Air Cleaning. Smart Fog uses innovative technology in their humidifiers which not only cleans the air but also help eliminates bacteria, dust, and other germs as well.

As discussed above, the most of the causes of Sick Building Syndrome is associated with dust, polluted air, and humidity. A set of new generation humidifiers can greatly help to make the workplace air even better.

Smart Fog uses innovative technology to their humidifier that has the smallest water droplet in the world. The droplet not only eliminates dust, adjust humidity but also suppress dust, bacteria, and viruses. Moreover, it can adjust humidity from 1% to 99% whereas the other humidifiers on the market can regulate up to 75%.

The company manufactures the most energy efficient SmartFog humidifiers. It uses 50-90% less energy and water than other humidifiers.

If you want to know more about SmartFog humidifiers and how can it improves your workplace environment and decrease your employee turnover? Contact us today.

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