Smart Fog Humidifier Better Air Quality

Smart Fog is a comprehensive management system that controls temperature and humidity while eliminating dust and odor at the same time.

The Smart Fog systems are highly versatile and adaptable to adapt to any environmental control issue. If you need non-wetting commercial humidifiers, Smart Fog is a good choice. If you need humidity, fumigation and cooling systems, Smart Fog humidifier products can live up to the expectations./

There is no application too big or too small for us, and all Smart Fog systems come with a full one-year industrial warranty. Extended warranties are available as well.

Smart Fog systems are manufactured with the highest U.S. standards and come with simple plug and play installation. We’re proud to boast the smallest droplet in the industry at 4.2 micron. The systems require low maintenance and have low energy consumption.

Any questions can be answered by our dedicated customer service department. Call (800) 921-5230 for more information.

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