Smart Fog Has Been Making the Commercial Humidifier for Over 30 Years

A commercial humidifier made by other companies humidifies the air, but it creates water that ends up on stored items when the air is saturated with moisture. This causes problems such as ruined and wasted products. Wetting and pooling is never a problem with Smart Fog, thanks to our unique technique that uses the smallest water droplets in the industry.

Our smart fog commercial humidifier is different from all the rest

We have developed a commercial humidifier system that works differently so that wetting and pooling do not occur. Unlike electric humidifiers or electrode humidifiers, or those that use other methods to produce humidity, our humidification system has tiny droplets of water. They are the answer to eliminating all wetting, and we are so sure that our products will not do this that we guarantee it. Our system uses supersonic compressed air to create the micro-droplets that can provide up to 98 percent humidity without wetting. Products remain safe and protected, and you will save money by reducing the amount of ruined products to zero with Smart Fog.

Our commercial humidifier provides humidity without extra water

Our patented product is known for its non-wetting feature, but there are other factors that make it efficient and popular for all types of commercial applications. It also provides fumigation and cooling solutions that are consistent and reliable. You will find that you save money because our product uses the lowest energy and water consumption in the market. Another way you’ll save is with our very low maintenance that is required only once every two years. We offer award winning support and customer service, and we value our customers. We are there for you if you need any advice on which system would be best for your needs.

The Humidification System you need