Smart Fog Cotton Storage Humidification

DryFog saves costs, enhances work environment and improves operation efficiency

  • Dry fog system – quality high-end technology
  • Increase humidity without wetness
  • Prevents electrostatic voltage and sparks
  • Increases bale weight
  • Improves fiber flexibility
  • Saves maintenance and energy costs


  • Lint Slide
  • Cotton Storage
  • Ginning Hall
  • Spinning Mill

Storage: Optimal moisture content for ginned cotton bales is 8-9%. Yet in many production areas, ginned cotton often contains only 4-5% moisture, and can lose more during storage. Since natural cotton absorbs water vapor from the air, storage at 65% – 75% RH can increase the moisture content of the bales, adding quality and increasing saleable weight.

Gin Work Areas: Cotton processing sends cotton fibers and dust into the air, which can jam machinery and endanger workers’ health. High humidity suppresses the dust and fiber and keeps the air in the work area clean and comfortable.

The Smart Fog Fogger uses high-velocity compressed air to produce a true “dry fog” of micro-droplets. The droplets evaporate into the air before they reach the ground, adding water vapor to the air and increasing relative humidity. Raw cotton in bales absorbs the humidity, adding moisture and weight to the bales. For free fiber in the air, the added weight of the moist fiber makes it fall quickly to the ground.

Increases Value: Adding moisture to stored bales can increase the sale value of the cotton by about 4% per season.
Improves Quality: Raising the moisture level of the cotton to 8% – 9% improves flexibility of the fiber.
Cleans Air: Keeping the air clean in the ginning area keeps workers comfortable and safe, and prevents machinery problems.
Low Maintenance because of the Smart Fog Fogger System’s large non-clogging nozzle, with no moving parts.

At the Southern Fiber cotton facility in Israel, a gin owned by a growers’ cooperative, each storage room holds some 10,000 bales of about 250 kg each. That’s $2.5 million dollars in each room. Their Smart Fog Fogger system increases the moisture content – and the weight – of the cotton by about 3% over the 6-8 month storage period. That’s an increase of $75,000 per room each season! The cost of the system? Under $15,000 installed. No wonder that Southern Fiber has installed the Smart Fog  Fogger in all 6 of its storerooms since 1996.