Smart Fog Air Humidifier No Wetness

Smart Fog is an industrial or commercial air humidifier that provides uniform droplet size. The droplets are the smallest available at only 4.2 microns. The tiny water droplets allow the water to evaporate while it is still in the air, so there is never any wetness with Smart Fog products.

Various types of air humidifier systems

We provide air humidifier systems that are ideal for use in wineries, cold storage and ripening rooms, for food safety sanitation or commercial HVAC, and many more. Our products have the lowest energy and water consumption in the market. We have been providing humidification systems to our customers for over 30 years, helping businesses protect their products and control the humidity to the ideal percentage for optimal production. It is possible to control humidity from 1% to 99% with our humidifiers, and they require maintenance only every two years. Industries find that they have a fast return on their investment because of the money saved when the appropriate humidity without wetness is provided.

Our air humidifier works continually

Smart Fog systems are made to perform all day and night, and this means that your business can continue running smoothly.

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