Seven Businesses that Benefit from a Humidification System

When people think of humidification systems, they often think only of small-scale systems meant for personal use at home. However, there are several industries that stand to benefit from the use of commercial humidification systems. From wineries to hospitals, the benefits are astounding. Is your organization one of the seven businesses we’ve highlighted today?

1. Corporate Offices

Within most corporate offices, computers and servers give off enormous amounts of heat. In addition to this, HVAC systems circulate air, stripping it of its moisture. Every time an employee coughs or sneezes the germs are sucked up and passed through the office in mere minutes. Undoubtedly, all of this makes your corporate office a prime candidate for a humidification system. By maintaining the proper balance of moisture, a humidification system helps to keep your machines running well, making them less likely to overheat. Moreover, it also slows down the spread of communicable diseases. As a result, your employees will be far more comfortable.

2. Anywhere Wood Is Used

Music shops, artists studios, galleries, furniture shops, and more all use wood and adhesives in their premiere products. Unfortunately, dry air quickly pulls moisture from any porous surface. Without the correct amount of moisture, you end up with cracked wood, peeling paint, and loosening adhesive. If your business manufactures, sells, or displays products made with wood, a humidification system will protect that investment.

3. Grocery Stores

The turnover of product in a grocery store is astonishing. With an incredibly large inventory, stores must ensure the absolute ideal conditions to keep the perishable items in peak condition until consumers purchase them. A humidification system allows exactly that. Most importantly it provides grocery stores the ability to control the factors that make fresh items last.

4. Hospitals and Other Medical Offices

Precision equipment is one of the first casualties of a poor moisture level in the air. Since medical facilities are full of devices that require constant monitoring and calibration, a humidification system is a great way to increase the life and accuracy of those tools. Also, the Smart Fog system reduces disease through oxidation (learn more here), which is an extra benefit for medical environments.

5. Airports and Other Hubs of Travel

Travel is known for being hard on the body. Dry skin, sore throats, coughs, and headaches are all common complaints after hours spent moving from one place to another. A humidification system is a great solution to many of those regular issues. By offering precise humidity control, as well as dust suppression and sanitation, travel doesn’t have to mean discomfort.

6. Temperature Controlled Environment

Laboratories, greenhouses, wineries, breweries, and any other business that seeks to keep things growing (or not growing) have an excellent ally in a humidification system.  With the Smart Fog technology, you can control moisture in the air. It also helps to keep yeasts, bacteria, dust, and static where they belong.

7. Storage Facilities

Today, “climate controlled” means a lot more than just heating and cooling. You need to keep the contents of your storage, whether commercial or industrial, in good condition. As a result, storage facilities are required to maintain correct moisture levels. Thanks to the safe operation and precise algorithms of Smart Fog humidification systems, you don’t have to be on-site to know that your storage is operating under optimal conditions.


There is a wide range of businesses that can benefit from a humidification system. The list we’ve given today is not exhaustive. There are endless possibilities for the uses of humidification systems. If your business is facing the consequences of dry air, such as high rates of illness, cracking or peeling paint, contamination of samples, or employee discomfort, contact us today to find out more.


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