Save Your Books

Books are great. Even as ebooks become increasingly popular, no one can quite deny the strange satisfaction that comes from opening a book, turning the pages, and closing the back cover when you are all done. There is something indefinably great about the feel of an actual book. Unfortunately, books are rather high maintenance. Making them requires a great deal of work and storing them can be difficult. The chemicals needed for the printing process can sometimes be irritating and, over time, books can simply crumble away.

However, printing humidification can eliminate some of these issues. A non-wetting humidification system can aid in dust suppression and the suppression of other airborne particles that can make working in a printing house unpleasant and difficult on employee respiratory systems. The use of commercial humidification in a place where books are stored can help maintain the condition of the books and slow the process of disintegration that can occur with pages that have become too dry. We should not have to give up books, and humidification can help us enjoy the printed word for many more years.

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