Save The Music

Many folks are aware of the damaging effects humidification can cause on certain musical equipment, such as guitars. Sadly, they find their guitars have developed cracks over the winter because they were not properly stored in a place with the correct amount of humidity.

You may be storing your guitars in a room that has forced hot water and think that it is providing enough humidity when, in fact, it really doesn’t supply much. If you own an acoustic guitar made from solid woods, it is imperative that it is stored in a place with lots of humidity. Purchasing a humidifier for the room in which you keep your guitars, will ensure that they do not crack from lack of humidity.

Any store that sells guitars will constantly monitor the amount of humidity in the room. Too much humidity can also have devastating effects on a guitar. The top can swell and the glued joints can become more visible, the finish may become distorted and the tone quality will be affected, along with a decrease in string life. If you purchase a guitar, remember to purchase a humidity control gauge to be sure you don’t have too little or too much humidity in the room where you store your prized possession!

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