Revolutionary New Humidification System

In the past, humidifiers were not fully automated and some systems produced surface wetting which led to the growth of mold and other problems. A revolutionary humidification system has been developed, which produces water droplets measuring just over four microns in size. The minute quality of these droplets causes them to stay airborne for longer, and the consistent droplet size also enables precise climate control. This is beneficial for a wide variety of industries.

Finding the Right Humidification System for an Application

If you have a particular application for which you need a humidification system, consult with your suppliers. Many systems are versatile and can be used in different applications, with equal success. A ‘plug and play’ humidifier which is easy to set up can provide instant humidity elevation. Whatever your application, machinery that does not require continual maintenance is advisable. Whether you require a solution for food storage or for a factory environment, systems in multiple sizes are available via

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