Reduce Loss Wine Barrel Humidification Systems

Smart Fog manufactures wetness-free humidification equipment for wine barrel humidification. The main function of the Smart Fog wine barrel humidification system in wine barrel storage is to provide humidity without wetness. This is achieved through Smart Fog’s proprietary dry fog generator and Smart Fog AirNet Technologies.

Contact alcohol content in the wine by utilizing Smart Fog wine barrel humidification

Smart Fog wine barrel humidification in wine barrel storage areas also has a primary role when the final alcohol content of the wine is being determined. Wine evaporation causes increased alcohol content.

Smart Fog Humidification help winemakers reduce wine losses by over 18%

In a standard wine barrel storage area without humidification, about 4 gallons of wine evaporate from a 60 gallon barrel each year. In the two years that fine red wine is typically aged, that can amount to 8 gallons. Maintaining an ideal humidity level can significantly reduce the expenses associated with topping, making smart fog winery humidification one of the most important wine storage accessory.

Reduce topping costs with Smart Fog Wine Barrel Humidification

The higher the level of relative humidity in the wine barrel storage, the more reduction in wine losses and labor costs. Smart Fog customers maintain relative humidity between 75% to 95%.

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No wetting, no mold, no bacteria, no disease and no dust!

Completely Wetness-free humidification